Illinois Swimming
Level 3

MMSC Training Group Descriptions

Mustang Prep is the introductory step to being part of the Mundelein Mustang Swim Club for swimmers, typically, 11 years old and younger, Mustang Prep is the entry level to the Team sport of swimming.  The Prep group focuses on building the fundamental abilities of stroke technique, starts, and turns, as well as the skills of being coached within a group setting.

Futures Group prepares swimmers, typically ages 8-11, for the more competitive side of the sport through a continuation of and emphasis on building proper stroke technique, sportsmanship, as well as gaining racing experience to measure swimmer development. The MMSC coaching staff may also find that it could be more appropriate for some first-time swimmers ages 11-14 to start their swimming career in this group.

Emerging Group trains with a focus on preparation for championship meets, within a framework requiring the swimmer’s responsibility for attention to detail, training habits, clock management, self- motivation, as well as proper meet preparation. Swimmers in this group, show the willingness to promote additional Mustang characteristics such as leadership, sportsmanship, positive mental attitude, Team support, and a drive for a competition inclusive of individual goal setting.

Performance Group trains to compete at the highest level possible in a mature manner that displays a self-motivated and disciplined group of athletes working to improve stroke efficiency with an increased aerobic workload. Swimmers in this group show the maturity and self-discipline necessary to promote additional Mustang characteristics throughout the Team and Community such as a drive for success, leadership, sportsmanship, positive mental attitude, Team support, as well as a competitive nature inclusive of individual and Team goal setting. Swimmers must be least 10 years of age that have 2 or more 10 and under state cuts, 11-12 year old swimmers must have at least 1 11-12 regional cut to enter into this group. Swimmers will be evaluated by the coaching staff not only on the above parameters but also the ability and desire to want to train at this higher level. Swimmers in this group will attend all USA meets inclusive of regional and state championships that they qualify for. Attendance at practices should be equal to or greater than 90%. Performance group will fluctuate depending on the amount of swimmers meeting the qualifications.

Senior Group is for all swimmers 13 and over; it provides a training environment that also functions alongside and prepares swimmers for high school athletics and helps them to achieve their goals within the sport while also building on the athlete's self-discipline, responsibility and determination. Swimmers in this group continue to develop their technique, aerobic base and anaerobic training levels, as well as build strength and athletic ability through dryland training. The competitive focus of this group is the Illinois Swimming State level and above, with Central Zone and Speedo Sectional cuts used for short term goal setting, leading to the Junior National level and above.

           Senior 2 training group swimmers must be at least 13 years or older and have completed the 7th grade. Swimmers must demonstrate the four competitive strokes proficiently, have competed in the 200 freestyle, 100 butterfly, 100 backstroke, 100 breaststroke and 200 Individual Medley. Swimmer have achieved at least one Senior 2 time standard, within the past 12-month period. Senior 2 Time Standards are posted on the MMSC website, under the “Times” tab.

           Senior 1 swimmers should be 13 and over, have completed 7th grade and do not meet, or exceed, one or more of the above requirements will be placed in the Senior 1 training group. Further evaluation of the athlete’s ability and stroke proficiency may be completed to help place the athlete in the proper training group.

2018-2019 Fall/Winter Group Equipment Requirements

Mustang Prep: Pull Buoy

Futures : Pull Buoy, Fins

Emerging :  Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles

Age Group Performance : Fins, Pull Buoy, Hand Paddles , snorkel (optional)

Senior 1 (Black 1): Kickboard, Pull buoy, Fins, Hand paddles, Snorkel

Senior 2 (Black 2): Kickboard, Pull buoy, Fins, Hand paddles, Snorkel, Drag suits
NOTE: both boys and girls should be wearing drag suit shorts

Senior Midseason:  Equipment will depend on group placement.