Illinois Swimming
Level 3

June/July Practice Schedule

Melissa Healy
Mar 14, 2019

The coaching staff has been working on finalizing the June/July practice schedule. The schedule can be found  here.

A couple of notes regarding the schedule:

1.) The website will be switching over to our "new look" after returning registartion closes on Monday. We will be using the calendar feature built into the Team Unify platform and will no longer update/use google calendar.

2.) The week of June 3 we realize kids may still be in school. Due to changes in the pool schedule we have limited time and space at night but have tried our best to accomoodate swimmers by having as many practices at night (after school) as possible. The schedule for that week will be on the calendar when the website changes over.

3.) The google calendar is current for April and May. No changes have been made to what is already up. Please keep in the mind the schedule will not be the same everyday/week until water polo season ends.