Illinois Swimming
Level 3

COHO Dual meet Wrapup

Melissa Healy

COHO Dual meet wrapup


Congratulations to all of our swimmers who participated in the dual meet vs COHO! 


Highlights from the meet


Swimmers who swam in their first meet or swam a new event:

Anthony C., Madisun F., Angie L., Arabella L., Dino O., Elizabeth O., Declan S., Marek S., Henry S., Gia T., Charlotte W.


Swimmers who had 2 or more best times:

Evelyn B., Anthony C., Kendall E., Aliyah F., Madisun F., Tyler G., Amelia G., Noelle H., Joel H., Noah J., Ellery K., Sam K., Marcel K., Angie L., Jack L., Avery L., Mason M., Veronica N., Alexa N., Sofia O., Daniel P., Griffin R., Madison R., Declan S., Marek S., Sofia S., Henry S., Charlotte W., Nicole W.


Swimmers who achieved Regional and/or state cuts:

Giovanni D., Kendall E., Noelle H., Marcel K., Nicole K., Angie L., Jack L., Madison R., Marek S., Sofia S., Jenny T.