Wildcat Aquatics

Signing up for a Swim Meet
Participation in meets is completely voluntary.

The team competes in 2 types of meets – multi-team meets and dual meets.

  • Multi-team meets are generally more competitive and events are spread over a weekend. 
  • Dual meets are lower key and usually take part in the evening mid week.

The meet schedule details all the meets the team will be participating in during the season.  It also indicates which practice groups are eligible to participate in which meets.



To sign-up for a meet click on "Attend ths event" next to the event name.
With effect from 4/13/2009, swimmers will be given the ability to choose their own events.  Note: The coaches have the right to override a swimmers decisions should they feel it appropriate.

Specific meet information - warm-up & start times, swimmer entries, and directions - can be found by clicking on the meet name.

There will be times when a swimmer cannot attend a meet they have signed up for due to illness or conflicting commitments - please let the coaches know so that they know who to expect on the day.

Meet Fees
Meet fees are payable per event swum at ‘away’ meets. The deadline for entries is normally about a month before the meet and NASA pays fees to the host club when the entries are submitted.  We cannot get refunds on fees submitted. 

To cancel your sign-up for a particular meet:

  • before the close date - click on "Attend this Event" and decommit the appropriate swimmer.
  • after the close date - let the coaches know by email (you will still be charged as the fees will already have been paid over to the host club)

Billing for meets fee charges are as follows:

individual event entered for timed finals - there is no charge for relays
swimmer to cover the Illinois Swimming fee and any facility or other charges
The fee is based on the charge by the host club.
It is the policy of the club to add approximately $2.00 for each event fee and $3.00 to the surcharge to cover the coaching cost.

There are usually no fees for dual meets. 


Auto pay for all accounts with a form of payment on account will process on the first of each month.  Effective September 1,  2013, all accounts with a past due balance on the 15th will be assessed a $25.00 late fee.  Additionally, immediate payment is required.