Wildcat Aquatics is a competitive swim team. Our mission is to foster a culture of excellence, inclusivity and equity through the sport of swimming.


We believe that swimming can be both fun and competitive at the same time. Our dedicated staff works together toward one common goal - success for every individual participant at every level. We put an emphasis on technique, mental preparedness and a love for racing, so swimmers have an understanding of what makes them efficient and fast in the water.


The foundation of our team produces strong, confident, and well-rounded athletes that are sure to make life-long memories in and out of the pool. As a team that values diversity, inclusivity and equity, we strive to create a space where our community members feel safe and supported and successful through transparent communication, relationship building and trust.

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Event Announcement: 1st Annual WILD/NU MLK Day On!

Dear WILD families, As you know, the third Monday in January is Martin Luther King Jr. Day. This federal holiday is observed across the...

By Alex Cramer

Swimming History: One of the First Equipment Creations Recorded

Did you know that one of the first recorded creations of swimming fins comes from Benjamin Franklin? He created a combination paddle/fin in 1717!...

By Alex Cramer

2021 DEI Accomplishments

2021 brought several accomplishments to WILD DEI. Here is a list of some of the things we were able to complete this year! Plans...

By Alex Cramer

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