2021 DEI Accomplishments

Alex Cramer

2021 brought several accomplishments to WILD DEI. Here is a list of some of the things we were able to complete this year! Plans for 2022 are already in the works!


  • Established a plan for WILD to incorporate DEI as a pillar of our team’s foundation 

  • Completed a DEI training for all WILD coaches via USA Swimming

  • Rewrote our Team Handbook to include DEI language

  • Updated our website with DEI resources, news and mission statement

  • Created and executed a survey for all parents and athletes to participate in

  • Wrote a piece for every Wildcat Weekly in 2021 pertaining to DEI (DYK Section)

  • Held a team gathering in October 2021 after receiving feedback from survey participants

  • Partnered with local restaurants for Take-Out Tuesdays to raise money for our team scholarship fund (thank you Booster Board!)