NASA Wildcat Aquatics welcomes you to join the team of Illinois Swimming Officials! Please consider becoming an official!

Questions about training clinics?  Contact [email protected]

What are the benefits?

1. Contribute to the sport your child loves and support the team

2. Gain access to the “best seats in the house,” with unobstructed views from the pool deck

3. Gain a more thorough understanding of the sport of competitive swimming

4. Enjoy free admission and heat sheets during the meets that you officiate

5. Enjoy free food and drinks in the hospitality room while you are officiating

6. Build strong friendships with other officials/swim parents from other teams

7. Be more mentally and physically engaged during the meet

8. Fulfill your NASA volunteer obligations

What are the requirements? This is a volunteer position and there are no requirements to work every meet once you are an official. In order to remain certified, you are asked to work only 10 sessions (not meets) per calendar year for Stroke & Turn Judges and only 4 sessions per calendar year for Administrative Officials.

How do you become certified? A brief overview is below but detailed directions can be found here:

There is a $62 USA Swimming registration fee and $30 clinic fee. NASA Wildcat Aquatics will reimburse you for the cost once you become a certified official.

  • Step 4: COMPLETE YOUR ATHLETE PROTECTION TRAINING. This is a one-hour online tutorial, which can be taken before or after your training clinic, but cannot be taken until you are registered with USA Swimming.
  • Step 7a: COMPLETE AN ONLINE OPEN BOOK TEST. Once you have completed your training clinic, in addition to on-deck training sessions, you will need to take an online open book certification test to help you understand the rules and know where they are located in the rule book. You will need to complete Step 6 in order to take the test. The tests can be found here:
  • Step 7b: COMPLETE ON DECK TRAINING. Once you have completed your training clinic, you will need to be mentored on deck during swim meets. Please email the meet ref in the meet packet to announce your intention to train at the meet. Even if you do not hear back from the meet ref, please dress in a white shirt and navy pants,and show up at the beginning of warm up and ask if you can train. The training requirements are below:


# of Training Sessions

Minimum # of Meets

Minimum # of Trainers

Stroke & Turn Judge




Administrative Official