Wildcat Aquatics

Creating a positive environment for the swimmer is a challenge for parent, coach and swimmer alike.  All three must work in partnership with one another to achieve a successful program in which the swimmer can grow and reach his or her full potential.  The NASA Wildcat Aquatics Team has set forth some basic guidelines and responsibilities for swimmers, parents and the coaching staff that will foster a positive partnership.

Swimmers’ Responsibilities

  • Conduct themselves in an exemplary manner at all times.
  •  Be respectful and attentive to their coach.
  •  Communicate openly with their coach.
  •  Be respectful towards their fellow swimmers.
  •  Follow and respect the rules and regulations of any facility in which they are swimming.


Parents’ responsibilities

  • Be supportive of your swimmer(s), coaches, and team at all times.
  •  Leave the coaching to the coaches.
  • Respect the swimmer/coach relationship; encourage your swimmer to take problems to the coach.
  •  Be patient with your swimmer’s progress.
  •  Direct any questions or concerns regarding your swimmer to the coach, outside of practice times.
  •  Be positive and sportsmanlike during competitions.
  •  Stay informed and become involved.
  •  Meet all financial and volunteer requirements of the Booster Club.


Coaches’ Responsibilities

  • Conduct training programs for the swimmers.
  • Maintain open lines of communication with both the swimmer and parents.
  • Provide pertinent information to the parents and swimmers.



Differences within a partnership are inevitable, and a structure in which to resolve these differences is needed.  NASA Wildcat Aquatics has developed Codes of Conduct for both Swimmers and Parents that include a procedure for addressing and resolving issues.  These Codes of Conduct can be found in the Appendix A.  Please review it.


HELPFUL HINT:  Resolve small concerns before they become large problems.