2020-2021 Masters

Open for Returning Members

7/31/20 - 1/1/23

Open for New Members

7/31/20 - 1/1/23



COST: $90 x month (the first month is charged at registration - We bill you at the beginning of each month starting in November)
WHERE: you can go to Lifetime in Old Orchard and Northbrook (and any other in the city - you are basically a member and since Northbrook is a higher level, you can go anywhere else!)
WHEN: away from our Age Group practice time at Northbrook ( Mornings -> NO Monday thru Friday from 5:30-7am, Saturday 6-9:30am - Afternoons -> NO Monday thru Friday 4-8:45pm and Saturday 11:30a-5:30pm). 
HOW: you have to register via our website so that we know who is registered. You also have to register at Lifetime using this link 
Questions: contact Kate at [email protected]