One of the best attributes of New Trier and the Northshore suburbs is the sense of community pride. NTA embodies that pride and purpose more than any other team in the Chicagoland area.

Running a meet such as the Shark Frenzy or the Rick Peterson Build-a-Base can often be like a group project in high school - usually 1-2 people do all the work and everyone takes credit - and that really shouldn't be the case when we have such a great community of volunteer potential. The money we make from hosting meets goes toward great things like pool rental, equipment purchase, club enrichment, and programming - aka - our community!

Swim meets have many jobs/tasks that we need filled to run a phenomenal meet. Timers, runners, awards, officials, hospitality, vending, clean-up - whatever your skill set might be, there's a job that needs filling. With 350 families on the team - if EVERY family gave 2 hours of time, our meets will be the best run meets ever! If you don't see something that appeals to you - let us know - we will find something!

Time at meets we don't host

Throw on an NTA t-shirt or Royal blue tank top and get on deck to time. We have to provide timers at most meets we attend - but it's often the same people meet after meet. What better way to see your swimmer than from right on the deck? Timers are providing back-up times, so don't worry - it's important but not life or death if you're not perfect.


In order to run a meet, there has to be at a minimum, five officials. For a meet to run well, it needs to have upwards of 12-15 officials. The certification process is relatively easy, and honestly, lack of swimming experience is often better because you have no preconceived notion of what strokes should be. And the benefit of the doubt always remains with the swimmer - if you're not certain, you don't call it!

Hour of Power

We have a BIG fundraiser for cancer research every year! We always need an extra set of hands (or 12) - ask the coaches what you can do to help - setup/cleanup, timing, cheering, vendor solicitation and more!

Board of Directors

Maybe you'd like to learn what makes the team tick - we're always looking for intrepid individuals to support the NTA organization. There's a variety of positions available and we're always looking for fresh ideas and new blood as we look to expand our effect on the northshore community.


Maybe you just have a little time to give - try a committee. Some of the many committees we have are Apparel, Awards, Officials, Banquet, Socials, Meets, Volunteers, Group Liasons, Facility Development and MORE. And if none of those pique your interest even a little bit, sometimes we just need good accountants, orthopedists or other professionals.


Perhaps you're a Physical Therapist specializing in shoulder rehab. Or you have a good friend who owns a nutritional smoothie store. Or maybe you have a connection to a shoe company. These are all partnerships that we can make to enhance our relationship with the community as not just a swim team, but as a part of something bigger than ourselves. Let us know - we'd love to meet with whomever to help make our team better!

Invest in your children

The biggest reason to volunteer is you can become a little more invested in the sport your child loves and set an example of giving and commitment. Knowing their family supports them makes swimming that much more enjoyable, and gives them another incentive to work hard and have fun.

Swim Teams are unique in that athletes will often be with the same swimmers and coaches and community for the duration of their participation in the sport - if you like coming to the pool to hang with your friends, your kids will magically like it more too - after all, their biggest role models are their parents.

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