Illinois Swimming
Level 2

Fund Raising Information

Here at the Barracudas we are a parent run organization, that being said all of the funds received by the club are used solely to operate the club.  All monies received from tuition and fundraising is used to pay coaches, purchase awards, pay for relays at ISIs, pasta party, pay for additional equipment the pool would need, fix/repair any type of pool related issues that may come up, and various other events we do as a club through-out the season.

Home Meets:  Concession stand

During home meets our parent volunteers sell concessions behind the bleachers. The funds received from the selling of those products helps pay for the visiting officials and the remainder of the funds are returned back to club.  We ask that all families take the time to review the signup sheet that is posted prior to each meet and if possible please donate something to the club on those dates.

There are various other fundraising opportunities  that our families can do with little or no work, just doing your normal everyday shopping.  Below are a list of shopping locations that the club may receive a portion of the amount you spend as well as shoppers may receive discounts.

1.  Website:

Look for “Custom Team Sites”  and click on it, Username: oak        Password: forest