Central Park Pool 


Starting September 1, 2020



Home School/E-Learning Swimmers

We have a unique opportunity this year to accomodate swimmers at the Central location with irregular school schedules. We will use these times to allow as many swimmers on the team as we feel comfortable taking according to Restore Illinois' Youth Sport guidelines. Communications regarding availability will be sent via Team Unify. The time slots are as follows:


                                                                      Monday-Friday                                           Saturday                                              Sunday

                                                                         7:40-8:40am                                          6:00-7:00pm                                      

                                                                         12:50-1:50pm                                         7:15-8:15pm                                       8:00-9:00pm

                                                                         1:55-2:55pm                                           8:30-9:30pm





 Five Points Washington


Starting September 1, 2020



Pekin High School


No schedule at this time. We will continuously be checking back to return once available.



Covid Notice

Due to health and safety guidelines, and other situations surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic, PAWW reserves the right to change this schedule in any form at any given time. We will do our best to announce any changes in a timely manner. We appreciate your continued patience.