During the fall/winter/and spring months, PAWW will be offering perpetual lessons that allow you to enroll and keep the same time slot throughout the duration of your lessons.  

During the summer months (June/July) PAWW will be offering 4 x two-week sessions Monday through Thursday.  Those will begin June 5th and run through July 28th.  Hours will be from noon to 3:00.  Each session is 2 weeks and you may enter more than 1 session.

We will be offering perpetual lessons on Saturdays from 1:00-4:00 during the summer as well.  Those will begin Saturday, June 10th and run through July 29th

PAWW also offers private (1-1) and semi-private (1-2 instructor/participant ratio) lessons.  For those you can pick the instructor and amount of time needed per lesson.

Adult swim lessons are also available.

These are PAWW's group swim lesson program levels:

Bubbles (First Level) 

For children who have had no prior lesson experience or are not yet comfortable putting their face in the water. The focus is on a gradual water adaptation.   They will learn movement in the water, breath holding and release, submersion of the face, eyes opening underwater, blowing bubbles, and wall bobs.

Floats and Glides (Second Level) 

This level builds on what has been taught in the pups level. Students learn to float on their back and belly unassisted and are introduced to the arm movements of crawl and back strokes. 

Kicking (Third Level) 

For students who can float and also swim about 10 feet. Flutter kick is emphasized in addition to the basic sculling movement needed for freestyle.

Crawl Stroke (Fourth Level) 

For students who can perform bobs, floating, and posess a good kick.  Work on side-kick-glides and advanced sculling movements for freestyle.

Freestyle (Fifth Level) 

For students who have learned the sculling movement and flutter kick.  This level teaches freestyle with breathing and begins the work on the back stroke sculling motion. 

Backstroke (Sixth Level) 

For students who have learned swim freestyle.  This level teaches backstroke, treading water, and extended distance freestyle.

Breaststroke  (Seventh Level) 

For students who have learned backstroke and freestyle.  This level teaches the progression of breaststroke kick, arms, and body position.  Diving is introduced at this level.  Freestyle and backstroke endurance will be worked at this level.

Butterfly (Eighth Level) 

For students who have learned freestyle and backstroke.  It continues working on breaststroke and begins the progression of dolphin kick, butterfly arms, and body position.  Diving is progressed during this level.  Freestyle, backstroke, and breaststroke endurance is worked at this level. 

Lifetime Strokes (Ninth Level) 

For students who have learned all 4 swimming strokes.  This introduces the sidestroke and elementary backstroke.  Turns will be learned at this level.  Diving will be progressed at this level.  Endurance of all 4 strokes is done at this level.

Individual Medley (Tenth Level) 

For students who have learned all 4 swimming strokes, diving, and the lifesaving strokes.  This level works on extended swimming and technique refinement in all major strokes, turns, and diving.

To Sign up for group lessons, please use this link - Management Console - Peoria Area Water Wizards - TeamUnify

PAWW also offers semi-private and private lessons.  For those lessons, you can pick the instructor and the amount of time you would like to have per lesson.  

If you have questions or want to enroll in private/semi-private lessons, please contact program director Coach Derek @ [email protected]