Peoria Area Water Wizards Lessons

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Due to Covid-19 safety concerns PAWW's Learn To Swim Program is on hold until further notice

These are PAWW's swim lesson program levels:

Pups (First Level) 

For children who have had no prior lesson experience or are not yet comfortable putting their face in the water. The focus is adjustment to the water and swimmers learn to blow bubbles, put their heads underwater and do bobs. They also practice assisted front and back floats and jumping in from the side. We provide a fun and safe introduction to the water. 

Otter (Second Level) 

For students who can float but not yet swim.This level builds on what has been taught in the pups level. Students learn to float on their back and belly unassisted and are introduced to the arm movements of crawl and back strokes. They are taught the T-start ready position and how to do streamline torpedoes (front and back float and kick) with assistance, with the goal of preparing students for the independent basic water skills taught at the next level. 

Salmon (Third Level) 

For students who can float and also swim about 10 feet.This level has swimmers learning to swim crawl and back stroke for 5-10 meters and streamline torpedoes on front and back without assistance. Flutter kick is emphasized and swimmers are required to kick a half length of the pool with a water noodle before moving to the next level. Swimmers also learn to tread water. 

Dolphin (Fourth Level) 

For students who can swim about 1/2 length of the pool. Swimmers continue working on crawl and back strokes, specifically on breakouts (off a ready position T-start from the wall) with good form. Swimmers now kick a full length of the pool and are also introduced to breast stroke kick and to tread water for 15 seconds.

Orca (Fifth Level) 

For students nearing the ability to swim a full length of pool. Swimmers in this level gain endurance to swim full lengths of the pool crawl stroke with correct side breathing and full lengths of backstroke also with proper form. Kicking emphasis will be on a strong flutter kick, a legal and effective breast stroke kick and a dolphin kick. We teach a forward somersault and tread water for 30 seconds. The goal is to make swimmers ready for successful tryout at the Bronze level of PAWW's Swim Team should they desire to do so.

If you have questions or are unsure of what level to register your child for, please contact program director Coach Lori at [email protected]

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