Ordinary to Extraordinary Short Course Season

Kelly Dexter

Our PAWW team shirt this short course season displays the words “ordinary to extraordinary”. I chose these words as a way to validate the hard work and dedication that not only our swimmers, but parents/volunteers put into this team. Our team exemplifies this idea in more ways than one and we are blessed to have each and everyone of you. You are all champions.

We have 272 registered swimmers with PAWW this season. The benefits of swimming are endless and starting out as a 6 year old in our bronze group knowing just a few strokes is a good introduction to competitive swimming.

These swimmers may start out complaining about the water being to cold. They may not like a certain stroke or distance of a stroke. Some may not want to come to more than a few practices a week. As they advance to silver, gold, or senior group they may decide not to attend those early morning, late night, middle of the afternoon, or double practices. Others may just like to compete and not want to practice or vice versa. These are all normal complaints from “ordinary” swimmers.

As parents, we may think my child will never be a champion, so why should they participate on our team and compete in swim meets. As a sport, swimming is low impact and once the basics are learned they can swim for the rest of their life. Having a team atmosphere is also beneficial. Teammates should provide support and create a positive environment.

The greatest thing about swimming, as a competitive sport, is that there is an individual aspect to it. Swimmers have their own personal set of times for their events. At each meet they attend, swimmers try to beat their personal best times while competing for our PAWW team. They may have teammates achieve a best time while they add time in an event. My 13 year old former swimmer recognized early on when she was a 6 year old competitive swimmer...It doesn’t matter, my best time still counts.

Swimming packages teamwork and individuality in one sport. It helps them to develop both physically and mentally during early childhood and adolescents. If they stick with swimming, you may notice your swimmer becoming dedicated to the sport. They may develop pride, self confidence, and mental awareness. Winning will feel good, but praise from parents and teammates will feel infinitely better.

We have many swimmers who are becoming champions and demonstrating these qualities. They may not be mentioned by name below, but you know that swimming is making a difference in their overall development. For others, it may take years to acquire these traits and build their self confidence. Swimming may or may not be their passion. It wasn’t for my 13 year old daughter. Nonetheless, participating on a swim team helps to create an environment where positive character traits can develop and self awareness can advance. Swimmers will hold these character traits into their adult life.

Remember, champions do not become champions when they win an event, but in the hours, weeks, months, and years they spend preparing for it. A winning performance itself is merely the demonstration of the championship character that has developed over time. It is this character that makes a swimmer a champion.

This season we have 61 of our swimmers who are being recognized as part of our 2020 PAWW Championship Team. Yet, we have 272 “extraordinary” swimmers that are developing championship character one swim season at a time.

CONGRATULATIONS to all our families and swimmers for an “ordinary to extraordinary” swim season.

Our 2020 Championship Team qualifiers are listed below:(*) represents current State Team Qualifiers:
*Keagan Boerke
* Sophie Gast
Drake Shepherdson
Caleb Mousty
Willow Carlton
Rease Corwin
Kam Gardiner
Ava Peplowski
Addy Lovell
Gage Tiezzi
Nadia Sylvester
Schroeder Getz
*Bailey Amerman
*Logan Walliker
*Landon Boerke
Madi Parrott
Mary Rumbold
Ava Kula
Ella Peplowski
Elijah Porritt
Maddi Stuber
Ethan Stone
Aiden Crull
Jenna Kozinski
Kami Jarvill
Isabelle Jiao
Brent Miller
Izzy Kula
*Jack Campbell
*Olivia Kula
*Isaiah Porritt
Kara Kozinski
Autumn Evans
Joseph Kang
Kyleigh Mousty
Lucas Glesne
Parker Herrin
Brady Eisenmann
Maggie Scherder
*Kaylee Dexter
*Kaia Bridenbaugh
*Simeon Rinkenberger
*Justin Alderson
*Ryan Trantham
*Siegfried Sison
*Alex Kula
*Kiera Fennell
*Chloe Paulson
*Joshua Noll
*Jax Bradburn
Reece Helmick
Luke Heberer
Lexi Jarvill
Katt Withers
Brady Hild
Kevin Jiao
Nethmi Bopearatchy
Lenna Seidel
Kaelyn Ray
Evan Nelson
Liam Ray

Stars will be updated at our main Peoria location. State Team qualifiers will also have PAWW prints posted on the pool deck outside of the coaches office.

Kelly (PAWW Communications Director)

[email protected]