SUBJECT: Policy - Reimbursement & Obligation of Program Dues and Fees 
GENERAL: PAWW Swim Club (PAWW) is a non-profit, 501(c)(3), parent-governed team that relies on program fees, fundraising and swim meet income to pay for pool time, coaches, and team administration. Each PAWW family has an ownership responsibility in the team. The PAWW Board of Directors, elected by the general membership, are responsible for establishing policies and procedures that protect the team's long term financial stability while meeting its short-term obligations. The Board may also publish policies and procedures to provide guidance to the Head Coach, employees, and key volunteers. 
SCOPE: PAWW Swimming contracts for many of its annual expenses (pool fixed costs and personnel expenses) in advance of each season. This policy letter establishes policies and procedures regarding the payment of dues and fees by member families. 
AGREEMENT: With my payment of the swimmer registration fee entitling my designated child or children to participate in the competitive swim program of the PAWW Swim Club (PAWW), I agree to abide by the regulations and policies of PAWW as set forth by the club. I understand that it is my responsibility to read and familiarize myself with all the following rules and regulations as well as information contained on the club’s website. Specifically, I agree to adhere to the following established payment policies: 
PROGRAM DUES: Although all program dues and fees are considered due prior to the start of each swimming season, PAWW accommodates families by offering two payment plan options. Program dues are charged to your Team Unify account on the first business day of each month as agreed to when you register for PAWW on Team Unify. A $10 late charge will be assessed if dues are not collected, prior to the next billing cycle. Payments are expected to be set up on the PAWW Team Unify site, to allow for a monthly charge to a debit card, credit card, or electronic funds transfer (EFT) from a deposit account. Payment via cash or check is discouraged and will result in an additional charge of $10 per payment. Checks that are returned from the bank as non-negotiable are assessed a returned check charge of $30. If there are two checks returned from the bank within a one-year period, no further checks will be accepted from the customer unless the checks are certified, until there is an acceptable payment history for a further one-year period. All payments via credit card will be charged a credit card processing fee. This charge is non-refundable. 
All program dues and fees will be charged on the first day of the month, according to the selected payment option. Invoices are automatically generated on the 1st of the month and are viewable at any time in the member area of the PAWWs website. Monthly invoices include program dues for the current month, merchandise purchased through PAWW, and meet entry fees incurred the previous month. The monthly invoice will detail all charges (including dues, registration fees, swim meet fees, other team related fees, etc.) 
PAYMENT OPTIONS: PAWW offers two commitment options and payment options to our swimmers, for both the Short Course Yardage (SCY) and Long Course Meter (LCM) seasons: 
SEASONAL COMMITMENT – this option offers discounted seasonal and monthly program dues and fees payments to our swimmers but requires a commitment to pay for the entire amount of the season program dues, including all scheduled installments. The monthly payment plan option does not reduce or diminish PAWW's entitlement to the entire seasonal program dues amount. Regardless of whether a swimmer leaves the PAWW program, at any time during a given season, PAWW's policy is not to reimburse program dues or fees. Further, if a swimmer leaves the PAWW program, while enrolled in the Season Commitment option, all monthly program dues outstanding, plus all unbilled monthly program dues, through the end of the current season, shall become immediately due and payable to PAWW. The only exceptions to this policy that will be considered are based on 1) documented medical problems, or 2) a family relocating more than 50 miles from the location of the nearest PAWW facility. Such exceptions are subject to formal Board approval. 
Families requesting reimbursement because of a medical condition must demonstrate that a swimmer is unable to participate in swimming activities because of a diagnosed medical condition. The request must include medical documents that clearly demonstrate that a swimmer is unable to swim or that a certified medical professional recommends the child should not swim. These requests will be prorated from the date that PAWW was notified of the medical condition. 
Families requesting reimbursement because of relocation must identify when they expect to leave the area. These requests will be prorated from the date that it is impractical for the swimmer to attend PAWW activities. 
PAWW swimmers enrolled in the Season Commitment option are expected to pay for the entire amount of all seasonal dues and fees, including all monthly installments, regardless of the month the swimmer registers or joins team practices. 
Swimmers enrolled in the Season Commitment option may not switch to the Monthly Commitment option during a given season. 
MONTHLY COMMITMENT - this option offers greater flexibility but requires higher seasonal and monthly program dues. A swimmer enrolled in the monthly commitment option may take a Notice of Absence for any given month, during a season. No monthly dues will be charged during the approved Notice of Absence month, providing a PAWW Notice of Absence Google form is submitted no later than the 20th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month. Each Notice of Absence form is subject to approval. The Notice of Absence Google form may be found on the PAWW website. 
Swimmers enrolled in the Monthly Commitment option may not switch to the Season Commitment option during a given season. 
PAWW DOES NOT PRORATE FEES FOR PARTIAL MONTHS. If you swim one day out of the month, you are billed for the entire month, regardless of the commitment option enrolled in. Further, team members are billed for monthly dues whether they attend practices or not. 
USA & ILLINOIS SWIMMING REGISTRATION FEE: An annual USA Swimming membership registration fee is required of all competitive team swimmers. Registration fees are per calendar year (Jan-Dec.). Fees for swimmers joining PAWW in the last quarter of any calendar year will apply to the subsequent year. This fee is billed annually to returning swimmers on the September billing cycle. For new members, this fee is billed when you join and every September thereafter. USA swimming registration is a non-refundable fee. 
PAWW REGISTRATION FEE: Swimmers (White through High Performance) joining or re-joining the team will be charged a Team Registration fee once per swim year (Sept-Aug). PAWW Registration Fees are non-refundable. 
PERPETUAL SWIM PROGRAM: PAWW is an ongoing swim program. Membership will continue, throughout the swimmer’s enrolled season commitment option (SCY or LCM), until PAWW receives a Notice to Intent to Quit Form. 
WITHDRAWAL: NOTICE OF INTENT TO QUIT GOOGLE FORM is available online at Notice to Intent to Quit Form must be submitted to no later than the 20th of the month to avoid being charged for the following month. 
Important Notice - For swimmers enrolled in the Season Commitment option, a filed Notice of Intent to Quit Form does not release the financial obligation for each swimmer to pay all outstanding, and unbilled program dues installments through the end of the current season. Any remaining dues payments through the end of the current season shall become immediately due and payable at the time the Notice of Intent to Quit Form is filed. 
A swimmer who elects to withdraw will remain subject to all registration fees, all meet fees, late fees, and monthly dues balances outstanding, regardless of the season commitment option the swimmer is enrolled in. There are no refunds and no exceptions. 
If a swimmer elects to withdraw at any point in the season, the swimmer will not be allowed to rejoin the team during the same season. 
Phone notification and/or email without a Notice to Intent to Quit Form is not a valid form of Notification. 
TERMINATING MEMBERSHIP: PAWW reserves the right to terminate the membership of any member whose actions are considered detrimental to PAWW’s welfare as set forth in the team policies. 
NEW TEAM SWIMMERS: are offered a two-week trial. If the swimmer discontinues during the trial, a full refund will be issued, except for fees paid to USA Swimming. 
DELINQUENT ACCOUNTS: Members with accounts more than 60 days past due: Families are not permitted to register their swimmer(s), for any upcoming PAWW swim season, or for swim meets, or purchase merchandise on account. Their swimmer(s) may not participate in swim meets. Their swimmer(s) may no longer participate in any PAWW activities. Swimmers are not permitted to attend practices. Please do not put our coaches in a position where they have to excuse a swimmer from practice because an account is not paid. 

The club also has the right to require all merchandise purchases and meet fees be paid prior to ordering the merchandise or entering the meet for accounts that are historically Delinquent. 
Members who leave the club and do not close their balance within 30 days will be subject to legal collections and may be barred from USA Swimming membership. 
The club wants to ensure the swimming experience is available to all in a positive environment. If you are having financial difficulties and want to plan for alternative payment schedules, please contact the club’s bookkeeper at [email protected].