Registration for PAWW swim team is now open for the 2019-20 SCY Season. The season runs September 3 - March 31. We add new and transfer swimmers weekly and monthly throught the season. To schedule a new swimmer evaluation contact Coach Mike at coachmike92@gmail.com

If you have any addtional questions about online registration contact Kelly at kellydexter@paww.org


Contact Kelly at kellydexter@paww.org if you have any questions.

Transfer swimmers may contact Kelly for practice group levels based on age/ability.

Come on out and give us a try. We believe if you swim with the best, you rise to that level.​..

Thank you for choosing PAWW as your competitive swim team.


New swimmers must be evaluated before registering. Please contact Kelly to schedule an evaluation. New swimmers should wear swim suits, bring goggles, and a towel. Our coaching staff will assess your swimmers ability to perform the 4 competitive strokes. Evaluations help our coaches place the swimmer in the proper swim group.  New swimmers should be able to swim a length of the pool unassisted.
Swimmers must be registered to attend practices at either Pekin HS, Five Points in Washington, or our main pool location in Peoria. We accept new swimmers monthly and if you decide to join after our season begins, you must register before attending practices.

Registration for our 2019-20 SCY season (September 3 - March 31) is now open. New swimmers can register once they have been evaluated. Contact Kelly to schedule a new swimmer evalutation.

We are excited to be returning to Five Points in Washington for our second season of SCY swimming. We will not utilize this site for LCM summer season.



Registered PAWW swimmers may attend their practice group at our Central Park Pool in Peoria, Pekin HS Pool in Pekin, or Five Points Pool in Washington. **Swimmers may not swim up a group as a convenience for families. We base our groups on age/ability.

Our Peoria site utilizes all 8 lanes for each group. This is the main practice site for our HS/Gold/Senior swimmers and swimmers with State and Senior Championship qualifying times.   

Our Pekin HS site has 8 lanes. Bronze/Silver/Gold groups practice on the same days, but are assigned to different lanes and varying practice length.

Our Washington Site will utilize 4 lanes at the facility. These practices are for bronze/silver group. The additional lanes are reserved for Five Points members. 


Find your swimmer's group calendar here for dates and times.

PAWW SCY Season September 3 - March 31, 2019-2020



SEASONAL -- For those that plan to commit to the entire season, the "seasonal" option offers a lower overall cost, but requires that you remain an active member for the full season of 7 months.  Once selected, you are expected to fulfill this obligation. You will be charged the first payment during the registration process; and then you will be automatically billed on the first of the month for a total of 4 payments. No payments will be due after the December payment. The seasonal option is only available through September 31. Anyone registering October 1 or later will need to select monthly.

Seasonal Plan Costs


(charged in four
payments of)

(season total)










      HS Swimmer boys/girls


2 payments, 1st at registration and next payment defined below:

Boys in October and Girls in Januuary.

,, MONTHLY -- For those who are unsure or not willing to make the seasonal commitment, we are offering the "monthly" option.  The total cost for the season is higher, but if you plan on only participating in certain months during the season, you may save costs by only paying for the months that you swim. (there is no pro-ratia for partial months).  You will pay for the first month during the registration process; and you will be automatically billed on the first of each subsequent month that your account is active.

A Notice of Absence form will need to be submitted by the 25th of the prior month to notify us to suspend your account. The form is viewable to logged in “members only” under the Team information tab. You may submit the form electronically to Kelly.


Monthly Plan Costs


(charged in every active month)

(total if all 7 months are billed)












2019-20 USA Swimming Registration/Team Administrative fees:

All members registering for SCY season are billed the following fees which are currently $180 ($79 for USA Swimming, which goes directly to IL swimming, $63 for Team Administrative fee, and a $38 required team suit/team shirt bundle provided at a discount by our sponsorhip agreement with A3. The $180 will be charged for all members at the end of this registration process. These fees are required annually to be a member of our team.  Our swimming year runs from September through August; September through March being our Short Course (winter) season, and April through August being our Long Course (summer) season.

Note – An additional fee of $10 per month will be added to Monthly Dues, if payment is submitted via cash or check.

 **If accelerated payment plan causes family undue financial burden, alternative payment arrangements may be considered.

Our Mailing address and Peoria site location:

415 W. Richmond Avenue

Peoria, IL 61604

Pekin site location:
Pekin High School
1903 Court Street

Pekin, IL 61554

Washington site location:
Five Points Community Center
360 N Wilmor Rd
Washington, IL 61571