2022 LCM PAWW Registration

Open for Returning Members

3/30/22 - 7/4/22

Open for New Members

3/30/22 - 7/4/22


MASTERS/LAP SWIM: Please proceed with this registration platform. Select your appropriate swim group and you will not be charged registration fees. You will create a "parent" account (your payment account) and then create a swimmer profile. Please email Brenda at [email protected] with any questions.

SWIM FAMILIES: We have restructured and renamed our practice groups. If you participated in the 2021-22 SCY season, you should have received an email from the coaches assigning your swimmer(s) to a new practice group. If you did not receive an email or you did not participate in the SCY season, please email Coach Lori at [email protected]; she will either assign your swimmer to a practice group or schedule an evaluation. 




We are pleased to offer electronic payment processing and registration. The process is simple for both new and returning members. You will have access to your own private account that will enable you to easily declare for swim meets, sign-up for jobs, see your children's swim times histories, maintain our own contact information, and more. We require autopay sign-up during registration. For autopay you may select a credit card or withdraw from your checking or savings bank account. All past balances must be paid before your registration is accepted. 

All new swimmers are required to attend an evaluation before registering and being accepted to PAWW. New swimmer evaluations will be held on designated days throughout the season at Central Park Pool. Please email Coach Lori at [email protected] to set up an evaluation. After being evaluated and given a group placement, new members may register with us following this online registration process. 


SEASONAL FEE: For those that plan to commit to the entire season, this option offers a lower overall cost, but requires that you remain an active member for the full season. Once selected, you are expected to fulfill this obligation. You will be charged the first payment during the registration process; and then will be automatically billed on the first of the month of May. (Two payments total the total season fee.)

MONTHLY FEE: For those who are unsure or not willing to make the seasonal commitment, we are offering this option. The total cost for the season is higher, but if you plan on only participating in certain months during the season, you may save costs by only paying for the months that you swim (there is no prorated for partial months). You will pay for the first month during the registration process, and then will be automatically billed on the first of each subsequent month that your account is active. 

MULTI-SWIMMER DISCOUNT: You will recieve a 10% discount for each additional family member registered and active.



  April-Aug April/May Made in two payments.
White 1 $115.00 $197.00 $394.00
White 2 $115.00 $197.00 $394.00
Yellow $145.00 $252.50 $505.00
Blue $185.00 $322.50 $645.00
Black 1 $190.00 $332.50 $665.00
Black 2 $195.00 $342.50 $685.00
High Performance $200.00 $351.50 $703.00


2021-22 USA SWIMMING REGISTRATION/TEAM ADMINISTRATION FEES: These fees are currently $248 per swimmer [$83 USA Swimming; $115 team administrative fee; $50 SwimStrong Drylands Program fee]. The fees will be charged to all members at the end of this registration process (please be sure to answer all questions correctly) that did NOT pay registration fees during the short course season. These fees are required annually to be a member of PAWW. Our swimming year runs from September through August; September through March being Short Course (SCY/winter) season, and April through August being Long Course (LCM/summer) season.

CREDIT CARD FEES/CHECK WRITING FEES: Due to the rising costs of credit card fees, credit card fees will be added to all transactions paid by credit card. Currently those fees are .30 cents per transaction plus 2.95% of the trasaction total. These fees are set by the processing company that Team Unify contracts. We are still offering a check payment option; with an added $10 check fee per payment, if you choose to pay by check, please contact Brenda at [email protected] If you would like to pay for the entire season in one check payment, please contact Brenda at [email protected]

We want all swimmers to have the opportunity to swim. If any of the fees cause a financial burden please conctact Brenda. We will do what we can to work with you.

We look forward to having you join the Peoria Area Water Wizards and are excited for another great season!!