PAWW Training Group Descriptions 

Practice schedules can be found for each group by referring to our Calendar links.

Each swimmer is assigned to a specific practice group by the coaching staff after an initial skill evaluation. The Coaches will make all decisions regarding initial group placement and subsequent group changes. Although times are a partial basis for group placement, the PAWW program focuses on swimming skills and techniques. Swimmers will be required to meet certain skill levels to be promoted to the next swimming level.



Bronze Billing Groups: All Bronze groups are billed the same training fees.

 Bronze 2 

  • 3 days/week for 90 minutes
  • Entry skills
    • swim 25 yards unassisted in any manner.
    • Be comfortable in the water.
    • easily submerges, floats, exchanges air.

These swimmers should have some swim lesson experience and be comfortable in the water. The focus of this group is to teach the proper stroke technique in freestyle and backstroke, and introduce elements of the breaststroke and butterfly. Instructors will work with swimmers in the water to assist them as they learn correct stroke skills and rhythmic breathing.

 Bronze 1 

  • 3 days/week for 90 minutes
  • Entry skills
    • proper freestyle motor skills and breathing.
    • proper backstroke motor skills and body position

Swimmers should demonstrate mastery of skills from our Bronze 2 group to move into this group. This includes proper stroke body position and motor skills of freestyle and backstroke, and breathing patterns for freestyle. Swimmers will continue to work mainly on the skills they will need to become a proficient swimmer, which include stroke technique and starts and turns. Some endurance work will be done in this group, but the focus will still be on the skills and techniques necessary to to have a successful competitive swim.


Silver Billing Groups: All silver groups are billed the same training fees

 Silver 2 

  • 5-6 practices/week for 2 hours (should attend 3-4 practices/week)
  • Entry skills
    • 50 yard free, back and breast with proper starts and turns
    • progress towards swimming a 25 yard fly
  • Endurance guidelines
    • 6x100 free @ 2:00
    • 6x100 i.m. @ 2:30

Swimmers entering our Silver group should be ready for competition and should plan on attending a few meets during the season. Silver 2 swimmers will learn how to use and follow a pace clock through sets and begin to do more endurance training, although the focus will continue to be on skill development. Swimmers should be emotionally and physically ready for a more demanding workout

 Silver 1.5 

  • 5-6 practices/week for 2 hours + drylands (should attend 4-5 practices/week)
  • Entry skills
    • 50 of each stroke with proper technique and starts and turns
    • proper stroke technique throughout 200 i.m. swims
  • Endurance guidelines
    • 10 minute swim, continuous and relaxed.
    • 6x100 free @ 1:45
    • 4x200 i.m. @ 3:45

Silver 1.5 is a transitional group in the Silver team structure. In this group, swimmers will be expected to perform faster and longer swimming sets in preparation for Silver 1 training loads. Swimmers in this group are also working on being more self sufficient and conscientious in their workouts.

 Silver 1 

  • 5-6 practices/week for 2 hours + drylands (should attend 5-6 practices/week)
  • Entry skills
    • all 4 competitive strokes legally in competition.
    • starts and turns for all races including i.m. turns
    • should have some regional times in their age group
  • Endurance guidelines
    • 5x200 free @ 2:45
    • 5x200 i.m. @ 3:15
    • 8x100 free @ 1:30

Silver 2 swimmers will continue consistent improvement of stroke skills as well as learning how to plan for a successful race. Team building through relay participation and teammate support will be emphasized. The workouts will focus on stroke mastery, race strategies, and endurance building.


 Gold Billing Group: All gold and senior swimmers will be billed the same gold training fees 

  • 6-7 practices /week for 2 hours + drylands (should attend 5+ practices/week)
  • Entry skills
    • maintain 80% practice attendance
    • attend meets regularly, including Regional meet.

This level of our program is for swimmers who are serious about improving their swimming and competition skills. Each athlete should have some long range and short term personal goals, and be willing to make the commitment to meet those goals. Emphasis will be on the technique, strategy and conditioning it takes to be a top level competitor. Stroke and racing details will be worked on. Workouts will become more intense and endurance will be necessary.

 Gold Billing Group: Senior Swimmers with Senior State Championship Qualifying Times: 

  • 7-8 practices/week for 2 hours + drylands (must attend 7 practices/week)
  • Entry skills
    • have at least one Senior State cut
    • maintain 90% practice attendance
    • attend meets regularly, including Senior State meet.

Senior group is the highest level of competitive swimming at PAWW.  Swimmers in this group are expected to be serious about their participation in our club not only as a top level competitive swimmer, but also as a role model for the rest of the team.  These athletes are expected to be individually responsible for their goals and actions, and to be leaders of our team by promoting positive habits and good sportsmanship. Athletes will have short term and long range goals, and coaches will work with individuals to achieve these goals. Workouts will be geared towards successful championship competition.