Our Mission

The Rockford Marlins Swim Club’s mission is to create and sustain a competitive USA Swimming swim program that emphasizes the involvement of youth-athletes of all ability levels, the highest quality and consistency of coaching, and family participation. We promote community, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun, in an inviting and supportive environment, which allows each swimmer to maximize their potential. We define our success through the lifelong enjoyment of swimming, and through lessons of commitment, perseverance, and achievement that swimmers can build on throughout their lives.

What can a swimmer expect from the Rockford Marlins Swim Club?

Our swimmers can expect an opportunity to learn how hard work, discipline and dedication will affect their lives; both in the pool and out of the water. They will be challenged and encouraged by their coaches to give their best effort, in practice and in competition. Most importantly, our swimmers can expect to have fun. They will meet new friends, become proud of their achievements, and learn important skills that will help them flourish - in the pool and in life.

What does the Rockford Marlins Swim Club Expect from its Swimmers?

The Rockford Marlins Swim Club expects two core things from our swimmers: participation and respect. We expect our swimmers to attend practice, give their best effort, and to represent our team at swim meets with outstanding sportsmanship. We also expect our swimmers to treat their coaches, fellow teammates and other team's swimmers with the utmost respect.

Vision and Program Goals

The Rockford Marlins Swim Club will:

  • Cultivate a high-quality, competitive, fun, and family-oriented swim team that helps build young athletes into future leaders of strong character
  • Provide an environment that teaches the values of hard work, commitment, self-discipline, leadership, and responsibility; aids in the development of positive self-image; and nurtures high self-esteem.
  • Encourage high academic standards
  • Encourage each other to be our best and always work hard to achieve personal excellence
  • Expect honesty, sportsmanship, and camaraderie among teammates and with other teams
  • Accommodate all swimmers with appropriate training and qualified coaching based on age, ability, and dedication
  • Encourage mentorship from coaches and more experienced swimmers
  • Work with the local community to grow and expand our club
  • Seek opportunities to serve and continuously improve our relationships within our schools and our community
  • Maintain a fiscally responsible organization run by volunteers in all non-coaching capacities, and continue to generate the necessary funds to improve facilities and equipment
  • Continue our 55+ year commitment to the tradition of USA swimming in the Rockford area
  • Ensure every swimmer feels valued