How do I sign up my swimmer for competitive swim meets?

At the beginning of the each swim season the meet schedule will be posted on the website. You will need to log in to the website to declare your intent for each meet. Parents will receive signup deadline notifications via email.

  1. Log into the website and click on the meet you want to sign up for.

  2. Carefully review the information about the meet. If you have any question about if your swimmer should attend, please contact the Head Coach.

  3. Click on the Edit Commitment button to declare if you will or will not be attending the meet.

  4. Please only mark if the swimmer is attending or not, do not select any sessions or events for a swimmer. The Head Coach is responsible for final event selection.

  5. If you will only be attending specific days/sessions, or if your swimmer would like to swim a specific event, please type this information in the Notes box. This allows the coach to select the appropriate session for the swimmer.

  6. If you have any questions, please contact the Head Coach for clarifications.

Please only sign up for the meets which you are sure that you will attend. Entries are often sent in several weeks in advance of the meet and there are no additions or changes once the entries have been sent. Entry fees are non-refundable once the host team has been paid by the Rockford Marlins, and you will be charged for your events whether you swim them or not.

When Planning For a Swim Meet...

  • Bring some cash. Most meets charge admission and for ‘heat sheets’. Heat sheets are useful for you to follow the meet and find where your swimmer and the rest of the Marlins swimmers will be swimming.  Most meets also offer a snack bar that you or your swimmer may want to take advantage of. Some of the bigger meets also offer an official meet t-shirt/hoodie available for purchase, as well as a pop-up swim store with things like goggles, suits, and assorted swim gear. Debit/credit cards are typically accepted at the pop-up shops and for official meet merchandise.

  • Many of the swim meets we attend offer results posted in real-tmie via the Meet Mobile app. Simply search for 'Meet Mobile' in the app store on your phone, or visit: to learn more.

  • A Sharpie marker will come in handy for your swimmer to write his or her event information on his or her arm. Event #, heat #, lane #, and stroke/distance are what swimmers typically write on their arms. HINT: Some parents have found that hairspray helps remove Sharpie from skin. Others have found that writing over the Sharpie writing with a dry erase marker and then washing it off helps remove it too. Some swimmers would prefer to keep their writing on their arm, as it provides a cool conversation starter at school. Many parents also like to bring a highlighter to highlight their swimmer’s events on their heat sheet.  

  • Spectator seating is typically in bleachers. Some parents prefer to bring a stadium chair for added comfort. The spectator area is usually very warm and humid, therefore dressing in layers is always recommended.  

  • Some pools have a limited spectator area, therefore a ‘team area’ will be set up in a gymnasium near the pool. When this is the case, it’s always a good idea to bring camp chairs or blankets.

  • In the past when the Marlins have participated in an outdoor meet, families have set up a ‘tent city’ with screen tents and canopies. If you don’t already own one, please do not feel the need to go out and purchase one. In previous years, there have been more than enough tents and canopies to shade us all. Camp chairs and sunscreen do come in handy though.

  • Only coaches, swimmers, timers, and officials are allowed on deck where the meet is taking place. Often the Marlins are expected to help out the host team by providing timers. All Marlins families are encouraged to take a turn timing at some point during the season. The good news is that the timers get to be on deck close to the action, and it’s typically a few degrees cooler poolside.

  • If you want to take pictures of your swimmer, please keep in mind that flash photography is prohibited for the safety of the athletes.

  • Book hotel rooms early! Some meets require hotel rooms due to their distance from our club. Depending on where they are located or what else is going on in the area, hotels can book up faster than you'd expect. If you plan to go to a meet, book early, and always get a reservation that is cancellable in case plans have to change.

When Helping Your Swimmer Prepare For a Swim Meet...

  • To be on the safe side, your swimmer should bring two suits, two pairs of goggles, and two swim caps to each meet. You never know when your swimmer will rip his or her suit or cap, or break a pair of goggles. Not all meets offer a pop-up shop where a replacement can be purchased.

  • In addition, most swimmers find that at least two towels are needed for each day of the meet.

  • It is important for swimmers to stay warm between events. A swim parka, warm up suit, sweatpants, or sweatshirt are all good options.

  • FOOD! WATER! Swimmers tend to get the munchies between events, and the snack bars don’t always provide the most nutritious snacks. Fresh fruit, Goldfish, Power Bars, etc are all good options.  Look for items that are high in carbs and low in fat and sugar. Water is also an important tool for your swimmer to stay hydrated.

Please remember that the only dumb question is the one not asked. If you have any other questions about what to expect at a meet, please do not hesitate to ask a coach, Board member, or another Marlins parent.