Southeastern Swim Club was founded in 1989, based on the belief that competitive swimming offers an exciting and worthwhile experience in a young person’s life. 

Today, the Club has over 300 members, but don’t let our team's large size fool you: every swimmer has close access to SSC's professional coaches. SSC focuses on skill development, building great stroke technique, and creating a positive culture for all.

SSC has won state championships, developed Olympic Trials and National Meet qualifiers, and achieved the highest levels of team success. But most importantly, for the past 30 years, our Club has played an invaluable role in building character and in teaching life skills.

Athletes of all ages and experience levels are welcome. For those unready to join the competitive team, we offer a lessons (learn to swim) program, and also offer a masters swim team for adults of all experience levels.


For over 30 years, Southeastern Swim Club has had the same mission:

Empower swimmers to develop character and realize their athletic potential in a positive, fun, and safe environment!