Southeastern Alumni in College

Below is a list of SSC alumni that have continued their swimming and diving careers after high school. Though they may not officially represent SSC anymore, they will always be part of the family. SSC takes pride in offering the largest active "swimming network!"

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Class of 2021

Molly Pedersen - Penn State University

Keegan Streett - University of Georgia


Class of 2020

Sarah Ballard - University of Iowa (Diving)

Andrew Christopher - Youngstown State University

Abigail Harter - Purdue University

Connor Harrison - Olivet Nazarene University

DJ Rogers - University of Iowa

Evan Sellers - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Kayleigh Witt - Ball State University


Class of 2019

Nathan Barr - US Naval Academy (Diving)

Callie Legere - Bowling Green State University (Diving)

Hannah Pugh - Butler University / Xavier University

Blake Ratliff - Purdue University

Ashley Sinicropi - Towson University (Diving)

Halli Siwik - Ohio University (Diving)


Class of 2018

Lauren Burgett - Duke University

Zachary Cook - Indiana University

Mady Kertin - University of San Diego (Rowing)

Victoria Vicory - Indiana University (Rowing)


Class of 2017

Nick Barr - Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Ryan Cockman - Case Western Reserve University

Caroline Cross - Bellarmine University

Megan Lugar - Valparaiso University

Hannah Taylor - Grand Valley State University

Zack Teffeteller - University of Connecticut


Class of 2016

Lauren Blanchard - University of Findlay

Robyn Clevenger - Auburn University

Max Eden - Norwich University

Phoebe Garrett - Wright State University

Natalie Mudd - Purdue University

Matthew Netherton - DePauw University

Emily Ratliff - Indiana State University

Michael Reising - Wabash University

Kylie Sutherlin - Eastern Michigan University


Class of 2015

Olivia Brazelton - Transylvania University

Cole Case - Southern Illinois University

Emily Christopherson - University of Akron

Wilson Clark - Davidson University

Nick Pfanstiel - US Naval Academy

Joe Young - Purdue University


Class of 2014

Cody Coldren - Indiana University

Thomas Cross - Ball State University

Luke Johnson - Johns Hopkins University

Gabrielle Mazero - New York University

Kiera McCormack - Georgia Southern University


Class of 2013

Heather Hayes - Indiana University

Courtney Mudd - Ball State 

Class of 2012

Collin Baker - Purdue University

Rachel Thompson - Indiana University

​Courtney Wilder - University of Indianapolis (Diving)


Class of 2011

Jake Childress - Wabash College

Sebastian Garcia - Southern Illinois University

Jacob Robinson - Purdue University

Justin Rossillo - University of Indianapolis


Class of 2010

Paige Copeland - Eastern Michigan University

Michael Dorman - University of Utah (Diving)

Adam Ferendo - Purdue University

Aubrey Hertzler - University of Arkansas

Katrina Kain - University of Evansville (Diving)

Nathan Kinney - University of Louisville

Carly Mercer - Purdue University

Molly Milborn - University of Arkansas

Emily Mudd - Liberty University

Will Payne - Gardner-Webb University

Aviry Reich - University of Maryland

Megan Schwartzkopf - University of Toledo

Evan Wiedeman - Southern Illinois University


Class of 2009

Maegan O’Connor - Miami University

Anna Roesler - Rollins College

Nicole Rossillo - DePauw University

Nikki Weston - Butler University


Class of 2008

Paige Brink - United States Military Academy 

Ryan Carr - Case Western Reserve University

Sarah Clay - Michigan State University (Diving)

Christian Hanselmann - Brigham Young University

Christina Jacobs - Purdue University

Matt Kruse - Southern Illinois University

Austin Mudd - The Ohio State University

Cameron Owen - University of Arizona

Derek Paul - University of Tennessee

Geoff Peitz - Davidson University

Lia Reich - University of Maryland

Lindsay Rogers - University of Louisville

Emily Schroeder - Denison University

Ben Wachtel - Purdue University


Class of 2007

G. Daniel Michael - Purdue University

Spencer Osborne - University of Notre Dame

Sam Pelkey - The Ohio State University

Becky Retrum - University of Kentucky

Evan Rhinesmith - Wabash College

Jonathon Stafford - United States Military Academy

Eric Vaughn - Wabash College

Leigh Weston - Butler University

Chad Woods - Wabash College


Class of 2006

Kenny Bower - University of California, Berkeley

Paul Bustion - Carthage College

Alex Carr - Wabash University

Blake Hughes - Pacific

Alexandra Peitz - Grinnell College

Drew Robinson - University of Kentucky


Class of 2005

Andrew Ballentine - Dartmouth University

Ryan Godfrey - Towson

Dan King - IUPUI

Erika Paul - Ball State University

Joe Retrum - University of Kentucky

Lindsay Schroeder - DePauw University

Danny Tracy - Ball State University


Class of 2004

Meghan Bradley - University of Illinois

Josh Reidy - IUPUI

Jessica Seale - Eastern Illinois University


Class of 2003

Nicole Allfrey - University of Florida

Alison Atherton - Southern Illinois University

Scott Coyle - University of Notre Dame

Alex Emerson - Emory University

Kari Retrum - University of Kentucky (Diving)

Jade Summerlin - Indiana University (Diving)

Daniel Walter - Purdue University


Class of 2002

Chris DeFrance - Vincennes University

Tyler Keltner - Air Force Academy

Sherri Pickens - Lehigh University

Patrick Valentine - Purdue University


Class of 2001

Jayme Cramer - Stanford University

Jerram Chudleigh - University of Kentucky

Phil Jones - University of Tennessee (Diving)

Adam King - Purdue University

Matt McDonald - Stanford University

Katie Miles - Miami University


Class of 2000

Danielle Bradley - University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Brad Rodecker - Xavier University

Mike Rodecker - Xavier University

Scott Tabor - Cornell University

Andrew Taylor - Xavier University


Class of 1999

Ryan Bouldin - University of the South

Bill Dillon - Cornell University

Jesse Emerson - University of the South

Mamie Goodson - Indiana University

Heath Montgomery - Indiana University

Kristen Stempkowski - Indiana University

Andrea Stouder - Southern Methodist University

Arden Trotta - Purdue University

Alexa Williams - Ball State University


Class of 1998

Allison Benner - Miami University

Michelle Bridegroom - United States Military Academy

Derek Juffer - Ball State

Courtney Werbe - Eastern Illinois


Class of 1997

Alex Bein - US Naval Academy


Class of 1996

Christy Neighbors - Ball State University

Julie Rollins - Ohio Northern


Class of 1995

Becky Sinzheimer - DePauw University


Class of 1994

Julie Dunklebarger - DePauw University

Erica Staley - Butler University


Class of 1993

Andy Mullendore - Miami University

Tiffany Tryon - Ball State University


Class of 1991

Keri Refka - Ball State


Class of 1987

Brian Webb - Fordham