HSE Facility Info

Welcome back to the HSE Natatorium (13910 East 126th Street)! This page is an overview of facility entry and exit procedures and details social distancing guidelines for before and after practice.

Your group coach may provide additional instructions as needed.

Entering the Building

All athletes should enter through Door 10, the main athletic entrance nearest the football field.

Please drop off your athlete directly at the curb. If you choose to park, please be safe crossing the parking lot - it can get busy!

All athletes should put on their mask immediately after exiting their vehicle. Help us show a good example for all Royals!


Entering the Pool Area

Walk down the main corridor and enter the pool through the main entrance on the right side of the hallway.

A coach will be waiting at the entryway to take your temperature before admitting you into the pool area. Please stand on a blue 'X' to maintain distance from others while waiting.

Most athletes will turn left and enter the stands. Each group has been assigned multiple sections to wait before practice. Flying Fish will be in bleachers on deck (more detail in the next section).


Waiting Areas

Use the table below to see which sections your group has been assigned to. Coaches will provide guidance on exactly where to go - don't stress out the first day as we will be ready to guide you to your areas. KEEP YOUR MASK ON UNTIL YOUR COACH DISMISSES YOU TO YOUR LANE TO START PRACTICE.

  • Sections 1-8 are in the stands
  • Section 9 is the bleachers along the side of the south pool
  • Section 10 is the bleachers along the side of the north pool
  • Section 11 is on the side of the south pool opposite the stands
  • Instructional pool seating will be used only for Betta Fish or as overflow seating if needed



Betta Fish

Along instructional pool

Flying Fish

9 (bleachers on pool deck)




7-8, 10


1-3, 9

Sea Dogs

6-8, 10


1-3, 11


All Sections

Exiting the Building

We have staggered group start and end times to minimize deck traffic. However, we will be using different entry and exit points to reduce cross traffic. Athletes should exit the stands using the central or north end stairs, then exit the pool area through Lane Line Cafe (at the south end).

Exit the building through Door 9 (just outside Lane Line) and head out to the parking lot for pickup. Please keep your mask on until you are picked up from practice.