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Group Expectations

The Flying Fish practice group is the novice-level age group for athletes aged 10&U. In this group, athletes will learn the fundamentals of competitive swimming, including proper stroke technique, starts, and turns. Swimmers will be challenged to perform with excellent strokes, starts, and turns in all practices and meets. We will work on refining swim skills to work toward a group season goal of all teammates swimming all four strokes with legal technique.

This group’s practices will begin with focusing on technique. Swimmers will be expected to come to practice with a total optimistic attitude, give 100% of their effort, and be ready to embrace the challenge of swimming with proper technique every day. Athletes who are not prepared to meet the standards listed below should swim in our swim school's program. Flying Fish Silver is designed to prepare age group athletes for the Stingrays, while also getting athletes ready to perform at in-season invitationals.

Group Requirements

For athletes to be prepared for Flying Fish, they must be able to perform the following:

  • 25 yards of freestyle with mastery of breathing to the side; No rolling on back or dog paddle for a breath; Swimming must be continuous and unassisted
  • 25 yards of backstroke with hips/toes at the surface and unassisted
  • 25 yards of Dolphin kick - with a demonstrated understanding of streamline
  • Sitting dive with hands-first entry
  • Able to exit the pool without assistance

Athletes will be moved from Flying Fish to Stingrays as they increase proficiency in all four strokes.


The general practice schedule is as follows:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

5:20 - 6:20 PM


5:20 - 6:20 PM


5:20 - 6:20 PM


Team Info & Quick FAQs

  • Click HERE to see what shirts we wear for meets/super splashes

  • For new swimmer families HERE is a guide on how to write your swimmer's events/heats/lanes on their hand before the meet

  • HERE are some general tips for swim meet


  • Flying Fish will need a Kickboard and Fins as soon as possible. A mesh bag is suggested but not required. You can purchase these items at Elsmore Swim Shop.


  • Items left behind after practice will go into the lost-and-found bins at the pool. The coaching staff is not responsible for lost or misplaced gear. Please take care of your things!


HSE Facility

All athletes must enter through Door 10 (the main athletic entrance) and come in through the main pool entrance.

Athletes will exit the pool area through Lane Line Cafe. All pickups will be in the main athletic lot. No Flying Fish will be allowed to enter or exit through the doors on the north side of the pool.

Flying Fish will meet before practice IN THE STANDS in the middle of the two pools


5:20-6:20 PM








5:20 - 6:20 PM



Registration Options

This group is an entry-level group for 10&U-year-old athletes. This group offers convenient block scheduling that consists of 6-8 week segments that allow for athletes to participate in other activities as well as swimming. Southeastern Swim Club believes that this provides a well-rounded approach to young athletes' development. You can pay for each block as you go instead of having a long-term commitment! You can learn more about the financial and scheduling information here. If you have questions about this, please email Erin Fisher at [email protected].


Families in the Flying Fish practice group will receive a weekly newsletter on Sunday afternoon or evening with the weekly schedule, any relevant announcements for the week, and action items like meet signup deadlines or volunteer needs. The weekly newsletter can be found in the "Latest SSC News" section on this page.

If you need to contact the coach of this group, please email Kylie Sutherlin at k[email protected]Please give a 24-48 hour grace period for a response. Responses will typically be sent within a few hours, while some emails may require more time to find and return the most helpful response.

Coaching Staff


Kylie Sutherlin

Flying Fish Head Coach

[email protected]


About me!


Maegen Fleck

Flying Fish Coach

[email protected]


About me!


Heather Streett

Director of 10&U Development

[email protected]


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