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Level 4


Age Group State practices will be held March 10 to 19. The meet runs Friday, March 20 to Sunday, March 22.

We will offer practices Friday and Saturday of the State meet for athletes who are not competing that day of the meet. Athletes are also welcome to attend the meet to warm up and to cheer on their teammates.

Day Practice Time Description
Tuesday, March 10 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Wednesday, March 11 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Draw Secret Psycher Names
Thursday, March 12 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Friday, March 13 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Saturday, March 14 8:30 to 10 am Practice
Sunday, March 15 Off No Practice
Monday, March 16 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Team Pasta Dinner
Tuesday, March 17 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Wednesday, March 18 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Bring Poster!
Thursday, March 19 5 to 6:30 pm Practice
Bring Secret Psycher Gift

AGS Theme

"King of the Jungle"

Age Group State Team

This roster includes all individual qualifiers, relay team members, and alternates. Please notify Coach Matt immediately if you are not available for the Age Group State meet or our team practices leading up to the meet. Please read the entirety of this page in detail, you are responsible for knowing what is expected of you this week!

This is a list of all athletes qualified in individuals & relays. Specific relays TBA soon.

10 & Unders

  • Abby Jane Avritt
  • Kinsey Bogaards
  • Kendall Dieckman
  • Ashlyn Hayes
  • Anne Herman
  • Ellie Herring
  • Evie Papachronis
  • Kaavya Patel
  • Zara Paton
  • Payton Walker
  • Sawyer Green-Whitehead
  • Josh Lawrance
  • Bryce Salvadori
  • Easton Untersee
  • Shaurya Singh


  • Bailey, Camden
  • Dravis, Christopher
  • Goss, Xander
  • Gray, Brodyn
  • Haines, Naomi
  • Hannon, Avery
  • Heuck, Izzy
  • Irish, Anna
  • Jung, Jihoon
  • Luhmann, Kruz
  • Olson, Scarlett
  • Papachronis, Dean
  • Pugh, Nolan
  • Robison, Derek
  • Sealls, Alden
  • Yant, Maria


  • Rachel Ang
  • Audrey Crawford
  • Juli Goss
  • Eloise Harrison
  • Elise Herman
  • Katelyn Kertin
  • Julia Kiley
  • Anna Stolle
  • Avery Witt
  • Meghan Voelker
  • Jacob Frey
  • Collin Huston
  • Clayton Juffer
  • Skyler Listenfelt
  • Ian Ross
  • Jack Waren
  • Kevin Baker
  • Ethan Wahl

Secret Psycher

On Friday, each athlete will draw the name of a teammate at random. You are their "secret psycher," and it is your responsibility to get your teammate fired up for the Age Group State meet! All athletes must participate in these activities to be a part of the Age Group State team.


  • WEDNESDAY the 11th: Draw Secret Psycher name
    • Keep it a secret - it's more fun when it's a surprise!
    • Plan your poster and gift with the athlete in mind
  • WEDNESDAY the 18th: Bring in a poster for your teammate - stay with our AGS theme
    • Give your teammate a nickname
    • Use lots of color - consider using pictures
  • SATURDAY the 21st (at meet): Give your teammate a gift at the AGS meet
    • Don't spend more than $10
    • Keep your identity a SECRET until you give your teammate their gift!
    • If you are not swimming this day, please make alternative plans to deliver your Psycher gift

Important Info and FAQ's

  • Attendance at all Age Group State practices is mandatory. Exceptions will only be made with prior communication with the coaching staff.
  • Event orders, warmup and in-the-door times, and event entries are available on the meet page as well as listed here. Your coach will share more info with you as necessary.
  • This is a two and a half day meet, and not every athlete will swim each day. Know which days you are competing, and remember that for 11-12's and 13-14's, the top eight seeded relays swim in finals and all other relays swim in prelims. Distance events and 200's of stroke (for 11-12 athletes only) work the same way. These seeds will not be available until Wednesday afternoon before the meet at the earliest.
  • Be familiar with our theme and celebration schedule (at the top of this page). For parents and athletes new to the Age Group State team, congratulations and please do not hesitate to ask questions.

Entry Reports & Other Meet Docs

This section will be updated as this information becomes available.

Entries by Individual

Relay Reports - Please note, if you are listed as the 5th, 6th, or 7th person on a relay, you are currently slotted as an alternate.

Timed Final Psych Sheet -  The Top 8 seeded 11-12 and 13-14 relays swim in the finals session, all others swim in the prelims session. All relays that seeded 9th or 10th should be on notice that you could be "bumped" to top 8.

Timeline Report

Awards Schedule

Meet Schedule

Relay Policies and Procedures

The relay lineup entered on the Meet page is always subject to change. There are many reasons why the coaching staff may choose to change that lineup, even up to the start of the race. Our goal is always to enter the fastest relays possible.


  • Attendance at AGS team practices - these practices are mandatory, so missing these practices may mean an athlete is bumped from a relay spot
  • Performance at AGS meet - we will factor in performance at the AGS meet but only in corresponding individual events when determining relay spots (for example, 50 free times for the 200 free relay, etc.)
    • If a swimmer enters the meet listed on the relay but has not had the opportunity to race that stroke and distance in the meet, their spot is considered to be secure
  • Click here to view the standard SSC Relay Policy.


  • What does it mean if I am an alternate?
    • ​Alternates will be listed with relay team members
    • Alternates are considered to be full members of the Age Group State team as they may be needed due to sickness, injury, etc.
    • Alternates must participate in all AGS team activities and practices.
    • Prepare as if you are swimming and be in attendance for the day and session your relay swims
    • Not all alternates will be listed with the relays on the entry page; your coach should clearly communicate the relay plan with the AGS team

ITD Times (Coming Soon)

Other Information