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Junior News February 4

Matt Papachronis
Feb 4, 2019

Junior News

February 4, 2019

Last week was a little unpredictable training-wise. We knew the cold snap was coming in, however Friday’s snow caught many cities and public institutions off-guard. As much as we want to control our own destiny as a club all of the time, we have to step back once in a while and recognize we are just one part of a larger village. I hope we can frame all of life’s challenges in a positive way for our children. I hope ultimately, now or 5 or 10 or 15 years down the road, you recognize the value of our sport and, specifically SSC, in teaching valuable lessons that last a lifetime. You miss a day due to cold? Move on to the next day! You miss another day? Get more motivated when you come back! Injury at any point in the season? Find an alternative part of “your game” to work on! Disappointing swim at a big meet?  Analyze why it happened, and get back to work at the very next opportunity!

Fundamentally there is not a different theme or topic to focus on this week or next vs the past few weeks—we are in a phase of training where we are working on being tough and smart every day, every hour, every minute, and every second. Some fine tuning on racing is coming up in the next phase.

Schedule this Week

The schedule this week is normal with the exception being tomorrow (Tuesday the 5th); we only have a morning practice Tuesday due to HSE Natatorium hosting the IHSAA Diving Regionals. I have opened this practice to both Junior Blue and Junior White. Also, in order to help make up for some missed training time, we are also offering a Friday PM practice 4:30 to 6PM.

Schedule Next Week

Next week’s schedule is a little more hectic. Monday through Wednesday are regular days. Thursday HSE hosts IHSAA Boys Sectional meet, therefore we have ONLY an AM practice on Thursday, February 14. That leads us right into the Northside Invite weekend—no practice that Friday and Saturday as we’ll be busy racing!

Safe Sport

Parents, I just wanted to give you a little heads up that today’s Royal Monday classroom time was spent watching a 15 to 20 minute video on Safe Sport. As you probably know, Safe Sport is USA Swimming’s terminology for preventing athlete abuse of any kind. If you have a free moment to ask you child about the information as a quick follow-up, I think that would be beneficial to helping create a stronger SSC.




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Thanks & GO SSC

Coach Matt