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Junior News Week 2

Matt Papachronis
Apr 15, 2019

Junior News Week  2

April 15, 2019

Last week was a great first week for the Juniors. We hit a little bit of everything; technique based drills, lots of kicking, aerobic development, relays starts, and just a touch of sprinting. The main goal was to introduce the body to Long Course while already sampling a bit of big pool racing. Depending on the swimmer’s activity level over spring break, the dryland component may have been the most physically taxing. A little more on this below.

Following up last week’s message, please make sure your mesh bag is appropriately stocked up.

Schedule this week

This week sees no changes to our regular practice schedule until Saturday, which is OFF. Both Tuesday and Friday AM practices are ON as scheduled.

Detailed Calendar

Schedule next week

Next week’s schedule is also pretty standard until we get to the weekend, when Saturday April 27 is our first competition of the season. Our Kickoff Super Splash starts at 9:45AM with a 9AM Warm up time. As usual, please arrive on deck 15 minutes before the posted warm up start time.

Meet Sign up Deadlines

We have streamlined many of our meet sign up deadlines to make things a little more simple for all involved. While this doesn't cover the entire summer season, it's pretty close.  Please note all meet dates are live links directly to the sign up pages.




Carmel Spring Fling **

April Super Splash **

May 1

SCSC 12&U Invite 

 CSP Tideriders Invite

May 15

Noblesville Enchanted Forest  

May Super Splash

June 15

June Super Splash

**Deadlines for the Carmel meet (May 3-5) and April Super Splash (April 27) have passed. If you missed these deadlines, I may be able to accommodate a late entry ONLY if you email before the end of night.

Comfort Zone

What does soreness mean? Why does it happen?

Why does a coach put you in your worst event at a swim meet?

Why would a coach ask you start something over again in practice?

In my opinion, these all have the same answer. It's all about growth. Growth is change. And change can only happen in times of stress. I think this is one of the few main reasons swimmers are so succesful in school and later in life--- we constantly ask our athletes to accept new challenges, even if it temporarily puts them out of their Comfort Zone. Parents, please know whether it's an extra set of pull-ups or asking for some real self-evaluation of effort, there may be some "tough love" along the way.  The end goal is building a better, bigger Comfort Zone. 

Thanks & GO SSC
Coach Matt