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Junior News June 10

Matt Papachronis
Jun 10, 2019

Junior News

June 4, 2019

This week's news has little new information, however I think that reflects one very important fact; this is a critical, uninterrupted week of training for the group. It's one of those rare weeks when we have no holidays, meets, other team events, etc. That's fine, there's nothing wrong with some good old-fashioned work. Sometimes I think we tend to over-entertain our athletes. It makes it hard to distill the most important information when so much is coming at them every moment. Let's embrace a simple but important week!


This week:

Monday 8-10AM

Tuesday 8-10AM & 6-7:30PM

Wednesday 8-10AM

Thursday 8-10AM & 6-7:30PM

Friday 8-10AM

Saturday 8:30-10:30AM

Next week:

Monday 8-10AM

Tuesday 8-10AM & 6-7:30PM

Wednesday 8-10AM

Thursday 8-10AM (NO PM)

Friday through Sunday is the Clayton Shaw Park Invite. The following Monday is OFF.

Detailed Summer Calendar

The remainder of information is a repeat from last week, with the exception of the added informatoin in BOLD in the nutrition section below.


The only deadline in the near future is for the June 29th Super Splash. Please RSVP by June 15.

Change in Strategy for Racing

We have some big meets coming up that present the opportunity for more higtened racing. As outlined in our team uniform policy, athletes should wear our team suit for all in-season competitions. We do offer a handful of exceptions to this rule, and as some of these meets are coming in the next few weeks, I wanted to call these dates to attention below:

  • CSP Invitational (June 21-23)- whatever you believe is your final swim in that specific event (keep in mind 12 & unders have timed finals while 13 & overs have prelims/finals), suit up for that swim. For 13 & overs, that may mean a little guess work on your chances of making it back to finals.
  • Noblesville Enchanted Forest (July 12-14)- if you are chasing a cut for a championship meet or if this is your final meet of the summer, suit up!

I strongly recommend that you do not go purchase a tech suit specifically for these meets - ideally, athletes would be wearing a suit from a previous season and saving any potential purchase of a racing suit for their championship meet.

Of course, tech suits are also allowed for all end-of-season championship meets (Last Chance Time Trial, Age Group State, Divisionals, and Zones).

Summer is here

Everyone is in full summer break mode by this point. That is wonderful by many aspects, but there are some significant challenges to performance along the way. These challenges include, but are not limited to:

  • Disrupted sleep patterns. The danger is getting into the late night habit followed by long napping (hard to wake back up) or no napping (result is full time fatigue).
  • Disrupted eating patterns. The dangers include straying away from meals and substituting prolonged grazing and/or poor diet in general. I talked to the group today about common summer diet mistakes. Follow up here, after talking with some of the swimmers last week about diet challenges, I discovered many swimmers are not eating a substantial breakfast before morning workout. Follow along with this situation:
    • ​Dinner the night before anytime in the 6 to 8PM range.
    • Very light or no breakfast the next morning.
    • Workout 8 to 10AM. 
    • This equals 12 to 14 hours between meal and the START of the workout.
    • That may or may not be a good idea for a non-athlete adult, but for a growing teenage athlete, they will be absolutely at rock bottom energy level-wise by workout, and they suffer through the workout until the next meal. This may also contribute to unhealthy over-eating at lunch, longer-than-normal naps, etc. 
    • During the school year, swimmers may be able to get away with that pattern. The gap from dinner to AM workout is 3 hours less, the workout is quite a bit shorter, and swimmers are only doing this up to 2x per week. 
  • Hydration challenges if playing outside a lot or when it's really hot.
  • Do your best to address these challenges but still have FUN! The key to having fun for the summer and still performing well is moderation and mindfulness.

Thanks & GO SSC

Coach Matt