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Intermediate News (July / Championship Meets)

Ben Wachtel
Jul 11, 2019

July News - Intermediate Group

Championship Meet and Postseason Info and Other Announcements


Wanted to share some information pertaining to the next few weeks as we enter championship season mode. Most of this information was covered in a team meeting with athletes Tuesday (July 9) but wanted to share with parents as well as anyone who may have missed practice that morning.

There is also information regarding the training group progressions, effective next September. If you or your child has questions about what group they may be headed to next season, please don't hesitate to ask me or Coach Matt

I will always meet with each athlete prior to a championship meet (Last Chance, AGS, Divisionals) to discuss event selection. Know that if you select events ahead of time, there are a lot of reasons why we may make changes to these events, but my general rule is that the final decision is ultimately up to the athlete.

Calendar Updates

Our group calendar is updated through the end of the season, with the 'TBD' dates now filled in for the two weeks leading up to the Age Group State meet as well as the week of Divisionals.

Please note that Age Group State practices will begin next Friday. These practices are only for athletes named to the Age Group State team (this info will be posted on the website Thursday the 18th). Athletes preparing for Divisionals should come to the posted Intermediate practice time. The following week, we will all practice together at our regular time. Practices will be offered for all athletes through August 2.

Last Chance Super Splash

Registration for this meet is available on the website (and below). Please note this meet will be Wednesday evening (the 17th). This is a new date, the original schedule listed it on Tuesday night.

In our team meeting, we discussed how athletes should prioritize events for this meet. I plan to discuss entries with each athlete at practice, as we typically do for any championship meet. Here is how we ranked our priorities when selecting Last Chance events:

  1. Events you are close to AGS cuts in
  2. Events you are close to DIVS cuts in (unless you already have 3+ swims per day of DIVS)
  3. Missing IMX score events (400 free, 200 IM, 100's of stroke)
  4. Group moveup standard events (400 free, 200 IM)
  5. 50's of stroke just for relay purposes

Also be aware that no athlete should be swimming an event they already have an Age Group State cut in.

Last Chance Super Splash

Age Group State and Divisionals

For planning purposes, please notify me if you have

a. qualified for Divisionals (August 3-4) and are not able to attend, and/or
b. are unavailable for the Age Group State meet (July 26-28)

We have many athletes currently in a position to compete for a relay spot or to help an additional AGS relay qualify, so even if you don't anticipate your child earning an individual cut, it's helpful to hear from anyone who isn't available.

There will be a practice offered the Friday of Age Group State week, but as our primary coaches will all be at the meet, we are still working on coverage. This info will be posted as soon as possible. This practice would be for athletes in the Sharks, Intermediates, and Juniors who are not swimming Friday of the meet, and for those preparing for Divisionals.

Racing Suits

Please be aware of our team uniform policy. We are in the stage of the season where it is appropriate and encouraged to wear a racing suit for any and all sessions of the meets we are competing in. Do not feel like you have to spend money on a suit - but if you have one or are planning on purchasing one, please give strong consideration to our team recommendations (available at the above link).​

New Group Structure

If you are unaware of the upcoming change to our practice group structure, Coach Matt put together a helpful document that will serve as the best starting place for any questions you may have, which is available by clicking here.

We discussed this as a group on Tuesday and it seemed most of the athletes were aware of the changes and understand what group they are most likely going to be in next Fall - if your child isn't sure, I strongly encourage them to ask me directly. If they will turn 13 on or before March 20 (the first day of Age Group State), they could also ask Coach Matt.

I'm not sure how much more I can add, but wanted to make sure everyone knew I am available to answer any questions you may have and will continue to encourage our athletes to ask if they have questions about the changes or which group they will most likely be in next season.

I am really excited about these changes - above all else, I think it will make us better-equipped to help athletes develop at their own pace.

Contact Me

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