Indiana Swimming
Level 4

Flying Fish Weekly Newsletter

Heather Streett

Welcome back to the pool!  I hope everyone had a fun, relaxing Fall Break and is ready to get back to work at practice!  I am looking forward to watching the Flying Fish in our Halloween Super Splash on Friday!  ITD (in the door) is 5pm.  Warmups will start at 5:15pm and meet starts at 6:00pm.  Please note that swimmers need to be at the pool at 5pm, ready to swim.  We have some of the Flying Fish teamsuits available for pickup in my office before/after practice.  There are some sizes that are on back-order and should arrive soon.


We will be celebrating the 26th annual Halloween Party on Monday, October 28th (5:15-6:30pm).  This will take the place of their practice on Monday and it will be a "spooktacular" great time for all!  We will NOT have dryland that evening.  It will be replaced with a Costume Contest/Parade, with prizes being awarded to the MOST CREATIVE costumes.  Please wear swimsuits under costumes, as we will be bobbing for apples and playing some Halloween-themed games during practice. We will also enjoy some team-bonding time with a snack at the end of the party.

1. Here is the link to the online practice calendar for Flying Fish.

Please note that this is the most accurate schedule and any updates to the schedule will be communicated in the weekly newsletter.  The "schedule-at-a-glance" is a general guideline for practices.

2.  Flying Fish need to have their equipment bag (mesh bag, flippers and kickboard) at each practice.  These items are available from Elsmore Swim Shop (4705 E. 96th St. Indianapolis 46240. 317-208-3000).  Let them know you are with SSC and they can assist you with the items that you need for practice.  We would like to start using equipment at practice as soon as possible.

3.  All Flying Fish need to wear t-shirt/shorts over swim suits and have tennis shoes for dryland.  NO FLIP-FLOPS.  We also would like them to have a water bottle in the mesh bag- it is a good habit to come prepared for dryland activities.  

4.  USA Swimming Safe Sport policies help keep your athletes safe.  Please note:

NO DECK CHANGES are allowed.   No swimmers should be removing swim suits to get dressed on the pool deck at any time.

NO PARENTS IN ATHLETE LOCKER ROOMS AT ANY TIME.  If your swimmer requires assistance, we encourage you to utilize the family bathroom in the hallway.  

5. Southeastern Swim School Lesson Program- We offer an amazing swim lesson program for children ages 3+!  Classes are available during the daytime for preschool/home-schooled children. Evening classes are available for ages 3+.  Registration is available at  Please tell your friends abou this AWESOME opportunity to get their children involved in swim lessons with our program!

6.  New Member Evaluations- We hope your children are having fun and learning alot in the Flying Fish group now! I'd like to encourage them to talk with their friends and have them consider joining the swim team as well!  We'd love to have more fun with friends!  We will be holding evaluations on these dates and these are open for any new member:

October 26th: 9:00-10:30pm


  1. October 25th: Halloween Super Splash.  "ITD" is 5:00pm.  Warmup will start at 5:15pm. Meet starts at 6:00pm.
  2. November 30th: Thanksgiving Super Splash.  DEADLINE TO SIGN UP is November 15th.

To sign up for swim meets, please log into your account on our website.  Go to the Meets tab on the homepage.  Scroll down to Team Events- this is where you will see the various meets/actitivities available to sign up for.  For each meet that you want your child to participate in, click on the the "Attend/Decline" button.  It will open up a new page where you will use the drop-down arrow to select "Yes/No" for your child to attend the meet.  You can put comments in the box belox (needs to leave early, can only attend Saturday, etc.).  I will select the events for your child to swim.  Click on the SAVE CHANGES button to record your declaration.  Please feel free to send me an e-mail if you have questions about a particular meet. I'd be happy to answer them for you!


If you have any questions, please feel free to talk to me before/after practice or e-mail me at  See you at the pool!

Heather Streett

Associate Head Coach

Southeastern Swim Club