SSC & Carmel Dual Details

Matt Papachronis

Southeastern/Carmel Dual Meet

November 6-8, 2020

Even though this meet is labeled as a dual meet, it is very much structured as an invitational. Spread out over 2 sites and 3 days, we are offering every swimmer on the team great opportunity and competition. Due to the size of the teams and the requirements for social distancing, we have some atypical schedule arrangements. Full details include:

  • 12 & unders: At Carmel HS for the duration of the weekend. While we hope you sign up for as many days as possible, please designate your days using the comment box. 10 & unders have events only on Saturday and Sunday.
  • 13-14 year olds: Friday events are at Carmel HS, while the rest of the weekend you are back at HSE. If you want to swim the full weekend, you will need to sign up on each specific meet page and use the comment box to notify your days.
  • 15 & overs: At HSE all weekend, including Friday PM. High school swimmers-- this meet does not require waivers/does not count as one of your 2 allowable club meets during IHSAA season because it takes place before the first HS dual meet. Your participation is expected!
  • Friday PM is a typical distance events at both locations. Saturday and Sunday you may swim a maximum of 3 events/day. 
  • Sign up deadline is 5PM on Wednesday October 28th for both locations.
  • Parents, we need your help volunteering at the HSE site! Volunteer positions will go live starting Wednesday at 6PM. We have streamlined our operations even more and will have an even smaller volunteer footprint, but we can't run the meet without you!
  • 13 & overs at HSE click here to sign up.
  • 12 & unders at CHS click here to sign up.
  • Please make sure you read through your specific site's details as individual age groups have different WU and Meet Start times. Know that for the most part these sessions will run very fast. Just like our previous meets this season, we'll have heat sheets, facility mapping, session timeline reports, and more available no later than Wednesday before the meet.
  • Contact your group coach if you have any other questions.

Thanks & GO SSC!

Coach Matt