Sea Dogs Winter Break Activities

Ben Wachtel

(Message from Shannon Herring - Sea Dogs Team Parent)

Sea Dog Parents,

As restrictions from Covid have been lifted, we are going back to having team parents (known to many swimmers as snack mom.) I am excited to be the team parent for the Sea Dogs as they are an amazing group of kids who really enjoy spending time together! I am working on a couple of fun, completely optional activities for the Sea Dogs over the next month. December 4th will be a service project to help a family in the HSE community as well as a social outing to the Fuel Tank. We will also organize a Secret Santa gift exchange.

The first activity will be a service project and social outing on December 4. As a team, we will be sponsoring a family for the holidays. We will meet at Hamilton Town Center at 5:30 (exact location coming later), divide into smaller groups, and shop for the items needed. We will then head over to Target to purchase some pantry food items for the family as well. Finally, we will go to the Fuel Tank in Fishers for Cosmic Ice Skating. 

If your family and swimmer would like to donate to the service project, I will be collecting donations at the Super Splash on Saturday, I can meet people in the parking lot before or after practice, or you can Venmo to @Jameson-Herring. My phone number is 317-523-0479. This is the number on the Venmo account as well.

On December 4th, I will need some help from other parents.  As we split up into smaller groups, I will need a parent to take each group to purchase the item(s) on the list, and to be in charge of the money that I give to each group. I will also need parents to help transport the kids from Hamilton Town Center to Target and to the Fuel Tank. Let me know if you are willing to help!

Cosmic Skating is from 7:30-9:45. The website lists the price as $12 admission and $3 to rent skates. The kids will need to have money for this social event as it will not be put on their SSC account. Parents will pick up at the Fuel Tank in Fishers at 9:45. 

Secret Santa: If your Sea Dog wants to participate, please let me know by text or email. On December 14 and 15 I will have all those interested fill out a Secret Santa form at practice with some of their favorites like color, candy, drink, etc. We will then pick on December 16th during practice.  During the week of December 20, I will coordinate a day with Ben that we can do donuts and exchange gifts at the end of practice.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  Also, these events are completely optional because we all know this time of year can get super busy. 

Shannon Herring
[email protected]