Friday Practice Time Correction

Matt Papachronis

Bluefin News November 29- Friday Practice Time Correction

We are entering a critical phase of training these next two to three weeks before Winter Break. Why now and not during Winter Break or January?

  • Winter Break is important as well, but with holiday days off, this can be a more consistent and critical time to improve conditioning.
  • For this training cycle we are focusing on increased cardio development and capillary growth. In January we'll be focusing on power and speed development. There is no real speed development without the cardio growth first. Cardio = building the foundation. Power= building the upper floors.
  • Great attendance now serves as an insurance plan against the unexpected events that happen later in the season; illnesses, injuries, other last minute activites. It's like building a conditioning savings account the athletes can always draw on. 

I'm not asking for perfect attendance by any means, however please examine where you can pick up an extra workout a week for this next important phase!



This week:

Monday-- 7 to 9PM

Tuesday-- 6 to 7:45AM & 6:30 to 8:15PM with Coach Rachel (please note I'll be with the HS team at away dual meet).

Wednesday-- 5:40 to 7:40PM

Thursday- 6 to 7:45AM & 6:30 to 8:15PM 

Friday-  CORRECTION 6 to 7:45AM

Saturday- 9 to 11AM

Bluefin November & December  (updated)


Meet News

Deadline extended to tonight!! December Closed Invite at Center Grove info is now posted! This is a great two-pool one-session meet that will be great for families with more than one swimmer on the team!  SSC, Center Grove Aquatic Club, Franklin Flashes, and Brownsburg Swim Club will be participating. SSC has been asked to provide 5 timers each day, please contact me to take one of these spots. Full info here.

Parent Education

We are happy to announce a series of educational opportunities for parents, presenting topics targeting all experience levels & ages on the team. While this was originally scheduled for December 8th, we will be rescheduling one week later to the 15th. Please RSVP on the team website just like you do for swim meets.