Sea Dogs - Week 11 (42)

Ben Wachtel

Sea Dogs Weekly Newsletter

Week 11/42 (June 20 - 26)

This Week

Great job last week Sea Dogs! Five great days of work leading up to an awesome Super Splash. Some athletes raced their best events, some tried new swims, and some competed in off events. The challenge for all was to stay loose, have fun, not get caught up in the times on the scoreboard, and to learn something about each race they competed in. I believe we succeeded in this on all fronts. Short recap of a few new achievements below.

We are going to continue to train at a high level over the next few weeks, then begin to work on more race-focused content as we approach championship season meets. We will meet as a group at some point this week to discuss this plan from a 30,000 foot view, then again after CSP as we start our final approach to these July meets.

CSP meet info will be available soon, but remember we are racing a full three days and our warmups are 7 am each day for the 11-12 session. Travel safe and plan for hot weather and potential storms, you never know what you're gonna get at an outdoor meet. Let's have some fun - this meet is as much about the experience as it is about swimming fast, and we gain valuable experience by coping with the difficulties of travel. We will have tents set up for athlete camping on deck - bring sunscreen, camp chairs, tinted or mirrored goggles, and plenty of water and ice! Even in the morning session, we'll be dealing with hot temperatures.

Group Calendar

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Monday 6/20

8 to 10 am Aerobic

Tuesday 6/21

8 to 10 am Threshold

Wednesday 6/22

8 to 10 am Speed & Kicking

Thursday 6/23

8 to 10 am Aerobic

Friday 6/24

Warmups 7 am CSP Invite

Saturday 6/25

Warmups 7 am CSP Invite
Sunday 6/26 Warmups 7 am CSP Invite
Monday 6/27 No Practice Postmeet Recovery

Super Splash

Great job, Sea Dogs - many of you are feeling tired and sore from practices over the last two weeks, which is completely to be expected. We still managed to bring some high-quality performances to the pool on Saturday. It is very, very hard to swim your fastest time of the season in the midst of hard training, so if you are a little off where you were at Sizzler, remember that we had a week of recovery work prior to that competition and many were wearing racing suits. If you swam well, know that the best is still yet to come - you performed despite this not being the ideal time to swim our best races of the summer. Analyze your approach to races, fix mistakes, and continue to increase our racing IQ.

Here are a few impressive achievements from Saturday:

  • Abby Avritt - 800 free (AAA / new Zone qualifying time), 50 back (A)
  • Scarlett Fanger - 50 free (DIVS), 100 breast (DIVS)
  • Dylan McIntosh - 50 back (DIVS)
  • Carter Nelsen 50 fly (DIVS)
  • Ava Reimmuth - 50 free (DIVS), 50 back (DIVS)
  • Eva Willency - 50 back (State + new AA time), 100 back (State + new AA time)

Special congratulations to Eva Willency, who earned her first ever Age Group State cuts on Saturday, and to Abby Avritt, who earned her first AAA (Central Zone qualifying) time!

The Next Few Weeks

We did an outstanding job focusing on race plan and mindset on Saturday. My message to the athletes was that we will not comprimise long-term gains for short-term success, and the same will be true this week. We are doing some of the most challenging practices and highest volume work of our season, so that we can be at our best in the month of July. Understand that you can swim fast even when you're tired, and belief is a huge aspect of how you perform. Athletes who convince themselves they will succeed usually do.

That being said, we are not physically prepared to swim our best races of the season right now. We have progress to make before Noblesville, Age Group State, and Divisionals. So those traveling to St. Louis should believe they can have great races because of the hard work we've put in, but don't be distracted if short-term, the times aren't there. Consider also that many aspects of the CSP meet will put you outside your comfort zone, and learning to compete on the road is a lesson in and of itself that rarely comes easy. Put that energy into something more constructive, like determining if the way we are racing is sound. 

It is almost time to divide into championship meet groups, but we need another 10 days or so of high quality work before we even think about focusing on final race prep for athletes resting for Noblesville. More info on this to come, but we have three pretty distinct groups at the end of LCM - athletes with full lineups who are preparing only for AGS/Zones, athletes hunting for additional (or their first) AGS cuts, and athletes preparing for Divisionals. We will discuss these groups at practice, with athletes taking the lead as it is ultimately their journey to take.

  • Week 42 (This Week) CSP Invite
  • Week 43 (June 27 - July 3) No Competition
  • Week 44 (July 4 - 10) NOB Enchanted Forest
  • Week 45 (July 11 - 17) Last Chance Meet Monday, Senior State
  • Week 46 (July 18 - 24) Age Group State
  • Week 47 (July 24 - 31) Divisionals
  • Week 48 (August 1 - 7) Zones

Athlete of the Month

Congratulations to the two Sea Dog Athletes of the Month for May!

Dylan McIntosh - Dylan has fit in incredibly well since moving to the Sea Dogs group. She has consistent attendance, puts in outstanding effort each day, and is extremely coachable. She has made some small changes to the way she approaches races that have really paid off short-term, and I can't wait to see what she achieves next.

Bryce Salvadori - Bryce makes our team better every day with a consistent focus on making stroke improvements. He asks for feedback and is relentless in his process-focused approach. He is doing everything he can to get better physically, mentally, and emotionally throughout each practice.

Summer Meet Schedule

The Central Zone Championships have been moved to Elkhart, Indiana. 






CSP Invite

June 24 - 26

Fun travel meet against great competition


NOB Enchanted Forest

July 8 - 10

Final invitational opportunity of summer, race for best times, usually prelims-finals but that's still TBD


Last Chance Time Trial

July 11

Final opportunity to race for AGS / DIVS times


Age Group State
at IUPUI (Indianapolis)

July 22 - 24

Team championship meet for those qualified, score points for SSC!


CE Divisionals
at Franklin Community HS

July 29 - 31

SCY championship meet at end of LCM season, good for athletes who didn’t race at AGS


Central Zone Champs
in Elkhart, IN

August 4 - 7

Qualified athletes (AAA times) race for Team Indiana!

Happy Birthday!

Next up:

  • Eleanor Hultgren, June 29
  • Zara Paton, July 11
  • Ellie Herring, July 18

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