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Swim Meet and Practice Attire

Swim Suit Requirements

  • For swim practice, any swimsuit is allowed.
  • A team suit (the one you were given at the beginning of the season) is required for standard meets.
  • Technical suits can be worn for (see site for models/ages):
    • Championship meets (ie Age Group State, Senior State, Divisionals)
    • Last Chance meets - the team designated final meet for achieving championship meet time standards
    • Staff designated exceptions (ie In-Season national-level travel meets, substitute meets for a last-chance opportunity, etc.) 

Swim Caps

  • Caps of any design are fine for practice
  • For meets, all athletes who choose to wear a swim cap are required to wear our blue team cap with the SSC crown
  • Team caps are available from coaching staff (cost is $10, will be billed to your account)


  • Athletic shoes with socks are needed at all meets and most practices for dryland exercises

SSC Team Shirts

  • Each swimmer will receive three shirts at the beginning of the season, and these are to be worn at meets:
Three Day Meet Two Day Meet One Day Meet
  • Day 1: White
  • Day 2: Gray
  • Day 3: Blue
  • Day 1: Gray
  • Day 2: Blue
  • Day 1: Blue

Bring Athletic Shoes

All athletes should arrive at the competition wearing athletic shoes, as we activate with a dynamic warm-up prior to all sessions. This includes Super Splashes. No athlete will be permitted to take part in dynamic warmup without athletic shoes, to avoid the risk of injury. Please be prepared.

Championship Suit Regulations


Swim Meet Formats and Procedures

  • Swimmers are encouraged, but not required to attend meets
  • All swimmers are eligible to swim at SSC-hosted meets (Except championship meets - must meet qualifying times to swim)
  • Coaches will advise when an athlete is cleared to swim at non-SSC hosted meets

Super Splashes (Timed Finals)

  • Developmental/instructional meets for SSC swimmers only
  • Held at HSE Natatorium
  • All SSC athletes eligible to swim
  • Much more relaxed environment than an invitational
  • Practice groups take turns organizing parent volunteers to run the meet
  • Ideal opportunity to learn volunteer meet positions
  • Sessions do not count towards your volunteer sessions
  • Flat $10 swim meet participation fee

Invitationals (Prelim/Final)

  • Hosted by SSC or another club
  • SSC usually hosts at least one invitational each season
  • Short Course Season Hosted Meet:
    • SwimFest           Oct       HSE Natatorium —  All swimmers eligible to swim
    • MLK Invite          Jan       HSE Natatorium — All swimmers eligible to swim

      Alternating years

  • December Invite          Dec     HSE Natatorium — All swimmers eligible to swim (this year)
  • Northside  Invite          Feb      HSE Natatorium — All swimmers eligible to swim
  • Long Course Season Hosted Meet
    • Summer Sizzler Jun      HSE Natatorium — All swimmers eligible to swim
  • Coaches will advise when an athlete is cleared to swim at a non-SSC hosted meet
  • Fees range from $4-5/event. This will be charged on your monthly invoice
  • You are responsible for all meet fees associated with your swimmer’s entry whether they actually attend the meet or not
  • Generally a 3-day meet—may sign up for one or more days. Please comment in the notes section on which days your swimmer would like to swim

Championship Meets

  • Athletes must meet qualifying time standards to participate. These times can be found under the “Meets” tab at the top of the home page
  • These meets are usually held near the end of the season
  • Age Group State is hosted by SSC in March.
  • Only swimmers that have achieved the State Qualifying time standards are eligible to swim at this meet


Age Group State Zones Junior Nationals Olympic Trials Olympics
Senior State Grand Prix or Sectionals Senior Nationals

Pre-Meet and Warmups

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to warm-up
  • Highlight your swimmer's name on the sign-in sheet
  • For younger swimmers, write events on your swimmer's hands or arms with a permanent marker
  • Swimmers to report to their coach on deck
  • The Warm-up is necessary to get the muscles ready for competition. The warm-up is done with their practice group
  • Parents are not allowed on deck per USA Swimming
  • Parents—psych sheets are sold at the entrance or sometimes can be obtained online
  • “Meet Mobile” App—many teams push results to this app during the meet

During the Meet

  • Swimmers will report to the Clerk of Course or directly to their lane when their event begins.
  • Many younger swimmers will write their events and heats on their arms to help them remember what they are swimming
  • Swimmers swim their event and then report to their coach after each swim
  • Cool Down
  • Focus is on technique, not speed, in the new and younger swimmers
  • Disqualifications—The DQ
  • Following the last event, your swimmer is free to leave. They do not need to stay until the end of the swim meet. Relays are usually held at the end of a swim meet. Make sure you are not on a relay before leaving

Parents at Meets

  • No Parents allowed on deck unless in a volunteer position
  • Volunteering at a meet—Wear your blue SSC volunteer shirt. Upon arrival check-in with the Volunteer Coordinator
  • Hospitality room—Meals and snacks are provided while you are working your shifts. NO Swimmers are allowed in hospitality
  • Cameras/Video are permitted, but no flash photography at the start of the race. The timing system works off of a strobe light and flashes in the stands will be a distraction
  • Let the coaches do the coaching
  • Stay positive and give encouragement
  • Most important—Have fun and get to know the other parents