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Volunteering Philosophy

The hosting of swim meets is normally the only fundraising requirement of Southeastern Swim Club families. Since all families share in the benefit of the revenue generated from these meets, all of our families are required to help with the workload involved in running the meets. These requirements apply to all families whether or not your swimmer swims in the meets.

A Note From Our BOD President

Every year we assess the Volunteer shift requirements. Our next (2022-2023) swim season will be our first full volunteer season in several years. Last year we were able to reduce the requirement mid-year due to some meets being run with quasi-Covid protocols. Another bit of good news is that we are lowering the Volunteer Shift Requirements by 1 for each of the levels. For the 2022-2023 Season, Flying Fish & Stingray Annual families will have 7 shift requirements. All other practice groups will have 10 volunteer shifts.  This will be the equivalent of 2 shifts per meet.

For the Flying Fish & Lionfish Silver Practice Groups (our Club’s entry groups), we will have block options available. The season will consist of 5 x 2-month blocks. In essence, we have broken the season down into 5 equal blocks to allow families who are newer to swimming the flexibility to "pay as you go". We will communicate more details on volunteer shift requirements for this option at our club-wide and new parent meetings in September. Please remember that these requirements are per family (not per swimmer) and are allocated based on the highest level practice group of your swimmer.

Lastly, we are going to offer families an option to “Buy Out” your volunteer shifts. This will allow the club to hire replacements to cover volunteer shifts for our hosted meets.  The cost will be the equivalent of $100 per shift per your total requirement. If you have an annual requirement of 10 shifts, you can simply pay $1,000 to buy out your shifts. If you are Flying Fish or Stingray Annual with 7 required shifts, this would be $700. The buy outs are non-refundable. If you are interested in this option, please reach out after Labor Day (the first day of practices) to the SSC Business Manager, Erin Fisher at [email protected] to make arrangements.                            

  • After a year of review, the Board has decided that group-based shifts have worked best and we will be moving forward with that mentality this season. 
  • Meet hosting during the upcoming season will pose challenges (as they did last year), as additional volunteer positions and responsibilities will be required to run meets within the guidelines and best practices being promoted by USA Swimming, Indiana Swimming, and state and local health authorities

Volunteering Requirements

For the 2022-2023 season, the volunteer requirements are as follows. Please understand that these may change. 



Flying Fish & Stingrays


7 Shifts

All Other Groups

2 Shifts per home club meet (approx.)


Volunteer requirements are reviewed on a yearly basis to best help you and the club put on great swim meets for the athletes. These positions are filled on a first-come/first-served basis. Since meets are normally our only form of fundraising, these requirements apply to all families whether or not your swimmer swims in the meets.

  • It is your responsibility to check your shifts worked after each meet (allow up to 1 week for these to show up on your account) to make sure your shifts worked are correct. Erin Fisher must be notified of any changes within 1 week following the meet by email at [email protected].  After that point, no adjustments will be allowed.
  • Every meet worker must check in with the appropriate chairperson upon arrival.  Your session is complete and you will receive credit for your session only when you are released by that chairperson.
  • No Senior Swimmer is allowed to work a shift in which they are eligible to swim.
  • Volunteer Signup is done on the SSC website and can be found on the home page under Meets & Events.
  • Meet workers must be at least a high school-aged student (freshman and above); no one younger than this will be allowed to work any position. Please note that many positions require an adult (Security, Safety, T-shirt Sales, and Admissions/Heat Sheet Sales); therefore, there are limited numbers of positions suitable for high school-aged workers. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to work any positions that require the handling of money (T-shirt sales and Admissions/Heat Sheet Sales).
  • Before signing up, please make a note of the tentative times for each session. Please be aware that some positions require the meet worker to report before warm-ups.
  • It is your responsibility to verify that you have signed up for the correct number of sessions and at the correct times. Once the online signup has closed you will not be able to remove your name from any extra shifts or take your name off of shifts you signed up for in error. Please verify shifts prior to the online signup deadline.
  • There is no childcare available. Non-swimming children are not allowed on deck during the meet per USA Swimming regulations.

Volunteer Shift Assessment Policies

  • Families who are unable to fulfill their commitment will be assessed $100 per shift not worked.
  • Fines for no-shows (signed up for a shift but did not show, including hired help not showing) are $150 per shift and are still the responsibility of the club family.
  • No cancellation of shifts will be allowed within one week prior to the start of the meet unless approved by the Business Manager and Meet Directors.
  • Cancellations at this point will be considered a "No Show" and will result in the $150 per shift fine. 
  • Changes to a different shift or position will be allowed if space permits and with the Meet Directors' approval.
  • If your family hires a worker for one or all of your shifts, that business is between the hired worker and the club family. The club will in no way be involved with setting the dollar amount or collecting payment. The family hiring the worker is responsible for signing the worker up on the website under their account to ensure proper shifts credit is received. If the hired worker fails to work the shift(s), the hiring family will be fined. Please note that the Volunteer Coordinator is NOT responsible for finding workers to fill your shifts; however, the Volunteer Coordinator may be able to provide you with a list of potential workers.

Volunteer Attire

You should plan to wear your blue SSC Volunteer t-shirt for each of your shifts.  Each family is provided with 2 shirts and additional shirts may be purchased.  New families will receive these volunteer shirts in their welcome bags.


Hospitality Donations Requirement

Hospitality Room

  • At each SSC meet we offer a hospitality room for all of our volunteers during the time they are working.  Meals, snacks and drinks are available.
  • The hospitality room is open to all coaches, officials, and meet workers during the shifts they are working. Unfortunately, we are not able to accommodate swimmers and/or a worker's family members in the hospitality room at any time.

Hospitality Donations 

  • Each family is required to make a monetary ($20 - hosted meets) or food donation to the hospitality room per hosted meet. The signup for hospitality is also done through the website. The food donation will be on a first come first serve basis, and the signup window will be limited to allow for proper accounting, and to ensure that no family that has signed up for a food donation also incurs the $20 charge. 
  • Any family that fails to sign up for a food item or monetary donation will automatically be assessed the $20 donation.
  • Members who sign up for a food item, and do not deliver it to the hospitality room on the designated date and time, will be assessed a $50 fine.
  •  If you will be out of town during the meet, please sign up for an item that can be purchased in advance and make arrangements for someone else to deliver your item for you.
  • For your convenience, it is suggested that you sign up for an item to be delivered to the hospitality room at a time that is convenient with the times your family will be working at the meet.
  • You are required to donate an item to each meet hospitality room whether or not this is a meet for which you are volunteering.