Bluefins-- April & May basic chart plan

(please see below for each week's extra focus and instructions)

Day/Minutes Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
(10 to 15 minutes)
Dynamic WU Dynamic WU Dynamic WU Dynamic WU Dynamic WU Dynamic WU OFF
(30-40  minutes)
Cardio Core OFF Strength Cardio YOUR CHOICE OFF

(10-20 minutes)

Stretch/Cool Down- "Fundamentals I" Stretch/Cool Down- "Recovery I" Stretch/Cool Down- "Fundamentals I" Stretch/Cool Down- "Recovery I" Stretch/Cool Down - your choice Optional OFF
Other Happy Memorial Day- please take the day off!

Bluefin Zoom Meeting 4PM This week on Tuesday at 4PM

Meeting ID: 976-5234-5632

Passcode: 480179

Whole Team & Parent Workout Too! 11 to 11:45AM

Meeting ID: 720-5179-5153

Pass: 1azZvt

Live Workout Zoom- 15 minute fitness challenge 4PM- this week on May 28th.


Meeting ID: 921-3637-9826

Pass: 586381

Meeting for Rising 9th graders: Zoom led by SSC 12th graders!

12:30PM each Friday.

Meeting ID: 964-0233-1083

Pass: 592245

One-stop total video workout. OFF

Several notes here:

  • The Warm up and the Main Focus should be done back to back. That gives you 45 to 60 minutes of continuous activity.
  • The Post Workout can be done either immediately after the main part of the workout or later in the day.
  • While we've dropped a Core workout per week, much of the Dynamic WU or Cool Down will have core work incorporated within, so that aspect will still be adequately covered.
  • Saturday is a free-to-decide workout; you decide what you need most! If you missed one of the workouts earlier in the week, it's probably good idea to catch-up there. This gives you a little flexibility to formulate the week how you want. If you have hit all the workouts Monday through Friday, I then recommend Saturday is another Strength day or hit the "One-stop total video workout."
  • Special safety note**** IF you chose to do bike ride for cardio, make sure you are wearing a helmet! SAFETY FIRST.
  • The Stretch/Cool Down part of the workout has you follow along with a specialized Yoga for Swimmers series.  I recommend starting with the "Fundamentals I" or "Recovery I" video for a few sessions before trying any others.
  • ***Participation in these dryland activities is voluntary.  Southeastern Swim Club and its coaching staff are not providing in-person supervision of the activities described in this email and are not responsible for any injuries that might occur during the activities.  If you have any questions about your health or an injury, please consult a doctor.***

Extra Focus week of April 27

1. Complete the Team Culture Unit. Click here and scroll down to Phase 3.

2. 1.0 Mile Run for time-- plot out a course using one of the convenient apps or devices (smart watches, Google Earth, etc) and then after a great Dynamic WU, hit an all-out 1 mile run! Screen shot your route and email me that along with your time. Suggestion is to do this on one of your cardio days or Saturday.

3. 15 Minute Fitness challenge. We'll be adopting a fitness challenge that the senior group has been using. Instructions:

  • Timed all-out effort 100 push-ups.
  • Timed all-out effort 100 squats.
  • Timed all-out effort 100 sit-ups.
  • Each set is done on a 5 minute interval. For example if you get 100 push-ups done in 3 minutes, you then get 2 minutes rest. If any of the 100s take more than 5 min, then take 1 minute rest and note that when you report.
  • All 3 rounds done back to back, so this should be a 15 minute fitness test. Split up your 100 anyway you want. 100 straight, 10 sets of 10, 20 sets of 5, etc.
  • Stay in the following order: push-ups, squats, sit-ups.
  • Report each movement's time and your total time. For example 3:02, 4:10, 2:28, total 9:40.
  • We'll be doing this each week. I recommend you do this on Strength day Thursday or Saturday, but it's really up to you!
  • I'll be compiling and sharing with the group on Mondays.