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Welcome to Southeastern!

Whether you are a returning family or new to the SSC family, the registration process is simple and takes only a few minutes.  At the conclusion of the registration process, you will be able to pay the SSC Annual Registration Fee ($225) which covers start-up costs like USA Swimming/Indiana Swimming dues, team uniform fees, etc. You may choose to pay in full at that time or to be billed monthly along with any open balance on your account. More financial information can be found here.

If you are a Returning Member, you (or your swimmer) should know which practice group they will be in for the upcoming season. If you have any questions regarding which group to register your child in, please contact their coach.

If you are new to SSC, welcome! Once your swimmer has completed an evaluation, one of the coaches should have instructed you as to which group you should register your swimmer. You can learn more about evaluations here. If you would like to schedule an evaluation, please email our Director of Recruitment, Heather Streett at [email protected]. You may also email questions about evaluations, the placement of your child in a practice group, or your required submission of a birth certificate copy (or passport) to our Business Manager, Erin Fisher, at

Each swimmer will be receiving a team suit with their registration. You must enter a suit size when registering.  You can go back into your account to change the suit size until midnight on September 12th  (we cannot exchange suits if you order the wrong size). Please stop by Elsmore Swim Shop (4705 E. 96th St, Suite 37, Indianapolis, IN) for a private suite sizing prior to September 12th. After you enter your registration information (and prior to the payment screen), you will be taken to a confirmation screen.  At this time you can select your suit style.  Females only have 1 option.  Males will be given the option between a Brief (sometimes referred to as a Speedo) or a Jammer (longer suit).

To register, please click here! If you have any questions concerning the registration process, please email the Business Manager, Erin Fisher, at