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Looking for training gear? Elsmore Swim Shop has got you covered!

Elsmore Swim Shop is the official team store for Southeastern Swim Club.

When you order in-store or online using the web portal exclusively created for our Club, you'll receive a discount of 20% MSRP off all team items. Receive delivery straight to your door, with free shipping for all orders over $49. 


All SSC athletes are expected to come to practice prepared each day. The following equipment is required for all swimmers, regardless of group:

  • t-shirt, shorts, socks, and athletic shoes for dryland 
  • swimsuit
  • goggles
  • swim cap (girls mandatory, boys optional)
  • mesh bag
  • kickboard
  • fins
  • water bottle

Below is a list of additional required equipment for each group. An 'X' means the equipment is required every day for that practice group.

Group Pull
Snorkel Hand
Flying Fish      
Sharks X X  
Lionfish Silver X    
Lionfish Gold X X X
Sea Dogs X X X
Bluefins X X X
Royals X X X

Bluefins are also required to have short fins (Arena or TYR). Click here to see the full Bluefins requirement list.

All equipment can be found at Elsmore Swim Shop. Please contact your group's head coach with any questions about equipment - especially if you are new to the sport.

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