Indiana Swimming
Level 4

Swim Meet Tips For Parents

  • Dress comfortably. Generally the seating area is very warm and humid. Even in the winter you may want short sleeves. Wear SSC sportswear if you have it.
  • Look for other SSC parents in the stands. We take great pride in the way our community feels like one big family, so this is a great opportunity to get to know other SSC parents.
  • For younger swimmers, you may want to write their event #’s on their hands. After heat sheets are posted, you can add the heat and the lane.
  • Pack light snacks for your swimmer (and possibly yourself). Most pools have concessions stands but typically do not sell healthy snacks for during a meet.
  • Swim meet warm-ups generally last about 1 hour and meet sessions up to 4 hours. You may want to take your laptop, book, etc. to pass the time.
  • Parents are not allowed on deck. If your swimmer needs something they will need to come to you.
  • Purchase a psych or heat sheet so that you can follow along with the meet. At some meets these are posted online ahead of time or at the time of the meet.
  • Have fun!

Here's a Handout Explaining how swimmers write down their Events, Heats and Lanes:  Heats and Lanes on Hands / Arms

Swim Meet Tips for Swimmers

  • Arrive at least 15 minutes prior to the start of warm-ups. This will give you time to get signed in, settled in and ready to swim
  • Always check to see if there is a swimmer sign in sheet. If so, highlight your name. This lets the meet personnel know that you are there and that you intend to swim.
  • Find the team seating area. At most meets this will be on the pool deck in bleachers. At some meets, swimmers will actually camp out in a near by gym or hallway. The team sits together during the meet.
  • Wear athletic shoes to the meet. Most groups will do dynamic exercises prior to getting in the water.
  • Know our team t-shirt order. This can be found here.
  • Some pool decks and swimmer camping areas can be cool. Bring a sweatshirt or sweat pants.
  • Write your event numbers and lane and heat assignments on your hand. Have a parent or more experienced teammate help with this!
  • Have fun!