Meet Volunteer Job Descriptions

Admissions and Heat Sheet Sales

Collect admission fees or sell heat sheets at the entrances; should be a positive representative of SSC as you will most likely be the only contact the spectators will have with our club; must be comfortable dealing with money and making change.  ADULT VOLUNTEERS ONLY FOR THIS POSITION.


Announce events; announce results; must be comfortable speaking over a PA system and properly pronouncing names


Organize, sort and attach labels to the awards as the meet progresses; help present awards to winners

Head Table

Assist computer operator, timing judge and announcer as necessary (these positions must be approved by chairman); facilitate communication between Head Table and Scratch Table; facilitate communication between Head Table and Runners; could be used as an administrative learning position for future meets; ADULT VOLUNTEERS ONLY FOR THIS POSITION.


Assist with meal preparation and serving; deliver drinks and snacks to any deck or volunteer worker who is unable to leave their position during the meet; staff the hospitality room in a friendly manner; should be a positive representative of SSC as you will be interacting with many people outside of SSC


Greets and checks in teams upon their arrival at the meet; distributes credentials and meet information to coaches.  Should be knowledgeable about the event as well as friendly and energetic.


Post heat and lane assignments sheets prior to the start of the meet; pick up recorded time sheets from the timers and deliver them to the computer operator in lane order at the end of each event; post results of the completed events, team scores and any high point rankings


Monitor the diving well to make sure that all swimmers are following the rules of the pool; feet first entry into pool, no hanging on the lane lines, no horseplay; monitor pool deck for inappropriate behavior; ADULT VOLUNTEERS ONLY FOR THIS POSITION.

Scratch Table

Collect all scratch cards making sure they are correctly completed with the coach’s signature; assist the entry chair in the scratching of swimmers from the meet; post all events requiring positive check-in making sure the deadlines are observed, then inform the entry chair of the outcome of the positive check-in; document all scratches from finals and monitor the enforcement of the 30-minute scratch rule for finals competition in cooperation with the meet announcer.


Check credentials of people entering the pool area; escort any non credentialed individuals onto pool deck as necessary; provide security at various other areas around the pool deck, locker rooms, concourse, hallways, restrooms; must possess ability to be firm and not intimidating yet pleasant; ADULT VOLUNTEERS ONLY FOR THIS POSITION, MUST HAVE AT LEAST 1 MAKE AND 1 FEMALE/SESSION.

Set Up / Tear Down

Assist Meet Directors and/or steering committee members with all aspects of setting up for the meet (Friday morning) or tearing down meet(Sunday late evening); this position may include lifting and carrying.

Sportswear Sales

Sell sportswear or other merchandise at the meet; must be comfortable dealing with money, making change and using charge machine; should be a positive representative of SSC; ADULT VOLUNTEERS ONLY FOR THIS POSITION.


Verify correct swimmers are in correct lane; using stopwatch time and record swimmer’s times in each event; must be able to use a stopwatch


Along with Meet Director, move all equipment and supplies (U-Haul) from HSE pool and SSC storage unit to IU-Natatorium as need for meet; this will include, but not limited to, hospitality supplies, computers, stopwatches, head table supplies, etc…; this position will require lifting and carrying.

Volunteer Guidelines

The following guidelines for Meet Volunteers has been established by a committee of former Meet Directors and Volunteer Coordinators and approved by the Board of Directors.  It is in no way intended to make the job of volunteering more complicated.  It is simply meant to make the guidelines consistent from meet to meet.  It is also written to address issues that the Meet Director, Volunteer Coordinator, and Board have had to address in the past. 

Volunteer Shifts

  • Members will only receive credit for shifts they are registered for on the team website. 
  • You must stay for the entire shift to receive credit. If you leave early without Chairman and Volunteer Coordinator permission, you will be charged the $150/shift “No Show” fine.
  • A shift lasts approximately 5 hours.
  • Only shifts at SSC hosted meets (not Super Splashes) will count towards the volunteer requirement.
  • Only actual volunteer shifts will count towards your hours. Meetings do not count as volunteer hours. Steering Committee chairmen will get credit for the shifts they work at the meet. There is not a standard amount given just because you are a chairman.
  • Volunteers must be at least a High School aged student (freshman and above); no one younger than this will be allowed to work any position. Please note that many volunteer positions require an adult (Security, Safety, T-shirt Sales, and Admissions/Heat Sheet Sales); therefore, there are limited numbers of positions suitable for High School aged workers. No one under the age of 21 will be allowed to work any positions that requires the handling of money (T-shirt sales and Admissions/Heat Sheet Sales).
  • No cancellation of shifts will be allowed within one week prior to the start of the meet. Cancellations at this point will be considered a “No Show” and will result in the $150 per shift fine. Changes to a different shift or position will be allowed if space permits and with Meet Director(s) approval.
  • If your family hires a worker for one or all of your shifts, that business is between the hired worker and the club family. The club will in no way be involved with setting the dollar amount or collecting payment. The family hiring the worker is responsible for signing the worker up on the website under their account to ensure proper volunteer credit is received. If the hired worker fails to work the shift(s), the hiring family will be fined. Please note that the Volunteer Coordinator is NOT responsible for finding workers to fill your shifts; however, the Volunteer Coordinator may be able to provide you with a list of potential workers.

Volunteer Conduct

  • As a volunteer, you are a hospitality ambassador for Southeastern Swim Club and the sport of swimming. Your conduct will be a direct reflection of the entire club, so please act accordingly.
  • Your positive attitude and willingness to complete the task at hand will be a crucial part of the success of the meet.
  • Please be courteous, helpful, and friendly to all participants, officials, and spectators.
  • Always do you best to accommodate our guests whether they are an athlete, coach, officials, or spectator. Never respond to a question with “I don’t know." Instead say, “Let me find the answer for you,” and then proceed to find the person with the appropriate answer.
  • Children are not to accompany you on your volunteer shift.

Checking In For Your Shift

  • Please plan to arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to your shift.
  • Upon arrival, report to the Volunteer Check in area to receive your nametag and direction from the Volunteer Coordinator.
  • Report to your designated area to receive instruction on your tasks and also to attend any area specific meeting by your committee chair.

Volunteer Attire

  • Volunteers are to wear their Blue SSC volunteer t-shirt. Any color shorts are pants are allowed.
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