Swimmers will be placed in the practice group best suited for their ability. Please keep in mind that changes may occur during the season to adjust a swimmer’s training to their skill level. This is a natural process, which occurs on every swimming club. The coaches are looking to place every swimmer in an environment that will help the swimmer reach his or her personal and swimming potential. The movement up or down will be determined by a combination of an athlete’s ability to complete the group requirements and the coach's assessment of the swimmer’s maturity and ability to complete a workout.

The following briefly describes each practice group. If you would like additional information about a practice group, please schedule a time to visit with a coach outside of the scheduled practice times.

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Little Scouts
This program is geared to the beginning competitive swimmer. The focus is on teaching the fundamentals of the four competitive strokes and basic training techniques. Coaches will emphasize the enjoyment of the sport and their teammates. This program is most appropriate for swimmers ages 6 to 8. This group offers 3 practices a week.
Junior Scouts
Stroke technique will continue to be emphasized in the four competitive strokes, with a focus on other technical elements such as starts and turns. Swimmers start to build good training habits and basics of racing. Emphasis will be on the benefits of teamwork and enthusiasm on successful performances. This level is geared to children ages 9-12 and practices are offered 4 days a week.
Junior Scouts Plus
This level is geared to the age group swimmer with a higher level of commitment and experience. The program will reinforce the fundamentals of the strokes while preparing the swimmers for state level competition. The expectation is that swimmers in this group will make attendance of practices and meets a priority during the season. Swimmers will compete in USA Swimming sanctioned competitions to measure improvement and to begin building experience as a competitive swimmer. This group offers practice 6 days a week.
Senior Scouts
This group is designed for the teenage swimmer not yet in high school. Practices will focus on proper technique as well as developing good training habits. Practices will be offered once a day, 6 days a week, and a commitment of 4-5 practices a week is optional. Swimmers will participate in meets every month.
Senior Scouts – High School
This level will prepare swimmers for competition at the highest level and will emphasize utilization of great technique in racing to achieve maximum potential. Dry land exercises in the LFHS weight room will be included. The goal is to help each individual reach is or her potential. The program will be consistent with that offered at LFHS to its high school teams. Swimmers will compete in USA Swimming sanctioned meets to measure improvement. This level is most appropriate for swimmers ages 13 and up. There are 8 practices offered per week.