February 24th Scout Aquatics Newsletter

Carolyn Grevers

Scout Aquatics NewsletterFebruary 24

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Thank you to everyone that helped make the banquet such an amazing event!  Thank you to all our swimmers and families for coming and celebrating with us.  Thank you for such a wonderful season!  The next season will begin on April 8th.  Tryouts for NEW swimmers will be before practice at 5:15p.  The February, March and April calendars are posted

The regular season is done, but for those in the upcoming championship meets, we do have practice from 6:00-8:00p.  More information will go out soon for those in the Regional meet.  This is our last newsletter until we approach the next season. 

Congratulations to everyone at the NSSC meet.  Our team finished 4th overall.  The girls finished 2nd, WOOT!  Our biggest time drops came from Hannah Burke (24 second drop in the 100 IM), from Nell DeDolph (27 second drop in the 200 back) and Paige Tomek (40 second drop in the 100 fly)!  Special congrats to the swimmers of the meet:

8 and under: Anderson Mulford and Margeaux Sevcik

9-10: Asha Bock, Jeffrey Chang, George Gorelik and Cadence Mullenbach

11-12: Hannah Burke, Abigail Houlihan, Scott Kavanagh, Iona Sharp and Gus Vega

13 and over: Hannah Belenkiy and Grace Gilleran

Please remember to bring your belongings out on deck.  There always is the chance of theft and vandalism and we have plenty of space on deck for bags.  Also, swimmers should not be in the adult areas of the lockerrooms unless with an adult. 

BirthdaysWe have 7 birthdays during the next few weeks.  Happy birthday to:               

Coach Bizzy (Tomorrow), Nathan Chiu (9), Olivia Liebovich (14), Winston Thuente (15), Charlie McGlynn (14), Lucian Du Plessis (11) and Tristan Tazzioli (18)!


Upcoming Events

Friday, Saturday and Sunday, February 28-March 1:  Regional Championships at Glenbrook North High School.  This meet is for swimmers that qualify by time or with a relay.  Coaches will go over events with swimmers.

Thursday through Sunday, March 5-8:  Senior State Championships at UIC in Chicago.  This meet is for swimmers that qualify for individual events by time. 

Thursday through Sunday, March 12-15:  14 and under, Age Group State Championships at the new Elkhart, IN. facility.  This is also Sectionals at the Rec Plex in Pleasant Prairie, WI. These meets are for swimmers that qualify for individual events by time. 

Wednesday, April 8:  New Swimmer tryouts/placement at 5:15p.  New Season starts at regular practice times. 

Thursday, April 9:  First water polo disruption.  Come through the pool office when you arrive until the locker rooms are cleared after the games. 

Contact us:

Head Coach, Carolyn Grevers  (o) 847-582-7339                                               Email: cgrevers@yahoo.com

Question for Head Age Group Coach (LTS, JS, JSP), Flo Burke                      Email: bfkbkmg@yahoo.com

Questions for Head Senior Coach (SS/SSG), Bizzy Vega                                    Email: bizzyvega33@gmail.com

Club President: Shane Koonce                                                                                 Email: shane.koonce@gmail.com

Officials Rep: Marilyn Wieland                                                                               Email: mtwieland@aol.com


Controlling Your Concentration Before and During the Race

By Dr. Alan Goldber//Competitivedge.com

As your championship meets approach and your hard, physical training winds down, the mental side of your swimming takes on an added importance. In fact, at those big meets, your success in the water is almost entirely dependent upon your pre-race and during race focus of concentration.

Concentration is THE most important mental skill in your mental toughness toolbox. What you focus on will determine how calm and composed you are pre-race, your level of self-confidence, how successful you are in managing your last minute negative thinking and doubts and ultimately, how fast you swim. Focus on the right things, and you’ll stay loose and excited, and race to your potential. Focus on the wrong things, and you’ll end up getting too nervous, dreading your events and swimming tighter and far slower than you’ve been in practice.

You can break down the right and wrong ways to focus, both before and during your races in the following two easy-to-understand ways:


  1. Disappointingly slow swims are almost always a product of focusing “internally” on your thoughts. That is, before and during the race, your focus is on over-thinking. You can be over-thinking about times, who you have to swim against, stroke mechanics, any of the “what-ifs,” (‘What if I lose, swim slow, die on the last 75, don’t final,’ etc.), other people’s expectations, etc. Over-thinking before and during your races will make you nervous and distract your focus from going fast.


  1. Fast swims are always a product of focusing on the FEEL of what you are DOING. That is, you focus on the feel of your pre-race ritual when you’re behind the blocks: Your jumping up and down, shaking your arms and legs out, your stretching, etc. During the race, your focus is on the FEEL of how your body is moving through the water. That is, your pace, turn-over rate, kick, breathing pattern, under-waters, how much water you’re pulling, staying long, etc. When you focus on feel, you stay loose and calm and go fast. Keep in mind that focusing on feel does NOT involve a lot of thinking, if any. You may tell yourself, “stay long,” but immediately after that, your focus is on that long, stretched out feeling each stroke.

If you want to swim fast during the high-pressured time of Championships, then you need to get in the habit of distracting yourself from your thinking by focusing on the feel of what you are doing. When you notice that your focus drifts to your thoughts, then quickly bring your focus back to feel. Remember, it doesn’t matter if you drift to thinking a lot. It only matters that EVERY TIME that you do, you quickly return your focus back to feel.