Scout Aquatics Newsletter - July 27

Carolyn Grevers

Scout Aquatics NewsletterJuly 27


Update: The LFHS has accepted the proposal to let Scout Aquatics swim outdoors at Lake Bluff Park District outdoor pool.  The proposal has been ONLY accepted if the swimmers are currently enrolled Lake Forest High School students and current USA Swimming registered Scout Aquatics swimmers (no new or non-registered swimmers and only LFHS students).  This time will be treated as a pre-season camp and be focused on technique and drills while building up strength back in the water. 

The SABA board helped make this small “foot in the door” to start the process in getting the entire team in.  It has been a tough decision, but we all felt this would hopefully start the ball rolling to prove that we can handle this situation and return all swimmers back to the pool. 

We will let families know of any upcoming opportunities when we get them from the high school.  Thank you to everyone for being patient and understanding during this difficult time.  Go Scouts!


SAFE SPORT:  We are so close!  We just need a few more parents to review the Safe Sport training!  One of the jobs I’ve been working on the last few weeks is to get our team recognized as a SAFE SPORT certified team.  I have done everything I can do to get the certificate, so now I am asking you for help!  I need more of BOTH swimmers and parents to take the SAFE SPORT training.  The link is below.  We need a minimum of 10% of the team to do this, so this will be posted regularly until completed.  (We are at 5.2% for parents and 13.4% for swimmers!!)  THANK YOU for helping make our team even better!  This is now mandatory for all teams to complete by November, so you help is very much appreciated. 



Interested in becoming an official?  During these crazy times it’s easier than ever to get your training done.  More information on becoming an official is on the Illinois Swimming site.  Click the link below!  Got more questions?  Ask either Marilyn Wieland (our officials rep.) or Shane Koonce (both an official and our board president). 



Here are some links to keep you up to date with swimming news, video and technique:

        Go Swim videos (coach Flo’s favorite!):

        SwimSwam news and video:

        Swimming World news and information:

        USA Swimming news and information:

        True Sport youth sports information:

Looking for some additional dryland workouts?  You can try all the swimswam daily workouts they have…..126 HERE!


Birthdays:  We have 1 birthday this week.  Happy Birthday to…..

Paige Tomek (15)!

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