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Sheridan Swim Team: Membership Information

Who are we?

Sheridan Swim Team is a parent run age-group swim team.  We are a member of USA Swimming, and a 501c3 Non-Profit organization.  We have two seasons, a Short Course (yards) season throughout the Fall and Winter, and a Long Course (meters) season throughout the Spring and Summer.  We offer a wide variety of programming ranging from Learn-to-Swim for the brand new, to highly competitive for the experienced.  We also offer a wonderful River Country Summer League program, that serves as a great introduction to truly competitive swimming. 


New Families:

When a new family decides to join our program the first thing they must do is create an account.  Creating an account requires:  First and Last Name, Email, Address, and Phone Number.  Open Registration will take place prior to and during the first month of the SC and LC seasons.  Families will be able to register outside of these windows by contacting the Head Coach. 


Registering New Members:

Once a family has an account, they can register new members for the account.  Adding new members requires: First and Last Name, Middle Name (or initial), Gender, and Date of Birth.  Once registered, these new members will appear as “Pending Approval” until they have been assessed and appropriately placed by the Head Coach. 


Policies & Procedures:

By registering for Sheridan Swim Team, you are agreeing to our current Policies & Procedures as listed on our website and in the Registration section. 


Registration Fees:

There are different fees associated with different groups.  Below you’ll find a description and explanation of the fees associated with each different option. 


              Swim Lessons: Registration

Swim Lessons through the Team cost $40.00 per session for non-members of Sheridan Swim Club, and $35.00 for members.  This fee covers 4 group lessons over a pre-determined time (generally 2 lessons per week for 2 weeks). 


River Country Summer League: Registration

Joining our River Country team costs $140.00 for the summer.  This fee covers the cost of two River Country practices per-week and all meet fees associated with our River Country season. 


Sheridan Swim Team: 

Joining our competitive year-round USA Swimming team has several fees associated with it.  Annually, to be a member of USA Swimming there is a $81.00 registration fee.  This fee goes toward the member’s registration with USA Swimming and Illinois Swimming and in-part provides our blanket insurance under USA Swimming.  There are also specific fees associated with our different training groups.

Short Course 2020/2021 Fees
Short Course Season Fee Sheridan Swim Club Member Season Fee 7 Installments Sheridan Swim Club Member  7 Installments
Elite $1,025 $871 $153.75 $130.65
Senior $795 $676 $119.25 $101.40
Junior $795 $676 $119.25 $101.40
Age Group 2 $720 $612 $108.00 $91.80
Age Group 1 $650 $553 $97.50 $82.95
Pre-Competitive $535 $455 $80.25 $68.25
Lessons (per 8 lessons) $80 $68 n.a. n.a.
Special Billing with approval        
Fitness $535 $455 $80.25 $68.25
Reduced Fee/Scholarship n.a. n.a. $30 $30
*Sheridan Swim Club Discount around 15% is part of our contract
*Fees are for the season, but can be paid in 7 Installments (Aug, Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb)
*If paying installments, then a 5% adminstrative charge
*$70 off season fees for 2nd child; $105 off season fees for 3+.     
*Prorated if you have a break for other sports/activities    
Travel Fees        
$20 per family per meet attended.


Further Information:

For additional information regarding our Team, please refer to the “About Us” on our website, or reach out to our staff at [email protected]