Illinois Swimming

Our swimmers participate in a variety of other activities outside the pool, and we offer multiple practice groups to match the goals of our swimmers.

  Age Group 1

Ages: Recommended age 5 and up

Group Emphasis:

This group is the first entry level group for beginning swimmers who can swim 25 yards unassisted. Coaching focus is on teaching proper stroke technique in a fun team environment.


Age Group 2

Ages: 8-12 years old

Group Emphasis:

This is an entry level group that targets new swimmers and those advancing from AG1. These swimmers will have knowledge of all four competitive strokes and be able to perform a forward start from a block. Coaching focus is on providing feedback on proper technique and turns while having fun with teammates and mastering skills in fun and creative ways.


Age Group 3

Ages: 9-12 years old

Group Emphasis:

AG3 is for advanced swimmers with previous team swimming experience. Swimmers are learning race strategies as well as increasing dryland emphasis.Swimmers are placed by coaches into these groups based on technical proficiency and training capability. Coaching focus is on technique and skill mastery while doing so at an accelerated training pace.



Ages: 13+ years old

Group Emphasis:

This group is for swimmers age 13 and over who need an additional level prior to moving from AG3 to Senior, for those who are late starters to swimming and for those with alternative commitments. This is an excellent group for "High School Swimmers".



Ages: 13+ years old

Group Emphasis:

13/14 BB Times are recommended to be in this group

This group is for experienced 13 and over swimmers preparing for State and Regional competition. Coaching focus remains on proper stroke technique and developing endurance and speed. Mental strategies for swim meet competition are learned in order to maximize performance.



Ages: 15+ (by coach's invitation)

Group Emphasis:

This group is the top-level in the Sheridan Swim Team Program. Through "All" practices per week, the Elite group has an expectation that swimmers will commit to training that prepares them to perform at the State, Sectional, and National levels.