Illinois Swimming

Class Levels and Descriptions

Sheridan Swim Team has Learn-To-Swim Classes for all levels of swimmer!  Lessons are open to the public at $180.00 per session (12 classes).  Each level of instruction builds upon previous skills learned within our program.  Skills in swimming are acquired with experience and are not age specific. The more appropriately your child is placed, the better we can cater their lessons to their needs.  

On the first day of a session, we will evaluate and place similarly skilled swimmers together.  Our first priority is helping your child progress in their skills, no matter where they may begin with our program.

Our Goal is to provide the community with a quality learn-to-swim program that not only teaches water safety and confidence (Levels 1-4), but also introduces them to competitive swimming (Levels 5-8).  

Below are descriptions of each class level.  When registering for classes please be sure to include your child's past experience/skill level. If you are unsure of what level to register for, please email  Rachel Cawthon at [email protected].com.

Online Registration is currently open

*Online Registrations paid by credit card are given first priority when filling classes.


Level 1: Bubbles

Gradual water adaptation; Movement in the water; Breath holding and release; Submersion of the face; Opening eyes underwater; Blowing bubbles; Bobbing with bubbles and air exchange.




Level 2: Kicking, Floating, and Gliding

Front float and recover; Front Glide and recover; Back float and recover; Back glide and recover. Front kick, glide, and recover; Back kick, glide, and recover; Dolphin kick, glide and recover.




Level 3: Crawl Stroke

Rollover - front to back, back to front; Finning and sculling; Side-glide-kick; Sidestroke swim and kick; crawl.




Level 4: Freestyle

Proper stroke technique and breathing.



Level 5: Backstroke

Proper stroke technique and breathing.


Level 6: Breaststroke

Proper stroke technique and breathing. 




Level 7: Butterfly

Proper stroke technique and breathing. 




Level 8: Turns and Endurance toward Competitive Swimming

Learning flip turns, streamline diving, and building endurance toward competitive swimming.




All levels of instruction are generally offered during each session depending on registration numbers and availability of swim instructors.  


Class sizes generally limited to a 4:1 swimmer to instructor ratio or less.