Age Group State Championship Swim Meet
All USA–registered swimmers, 14 years of age and under, who have met the qualifying time standards for specific events, are eligible to compete in their age group category.  A swimmer’s age, as of the first day of the swim meet, governs the entire meet. The swim meet is generally held at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Away Meet
SWAC will often travel to competitions outside of Allen County. This is done in an effort to find new, different and motivating competition as well as to form new and mutually rewarding relationships with other programs and athletes. SWAC families are not expected to attend travel meets; however, it is an important part of each swimmer’s development as an athlete and young person. If possible, SWAC families are encouraged to attend all meets recommend by the SWAC coaching staff.

The area immediately around the pool. Per USA Swimming Rules, you must be certified as a worker or official to be on deck. Accordingly, swimmers not competing, and parents not working at a swim meet, are asked to stay off the deck.

Deck-Seeded/Pre-Seeded Events
Deck seeding is a procedure of assigning swimmers to the proper lane and heat immediately before each event. This allows there to be as few “open lanes” (lanes without a swimmer in it) as possible.  Pre-seeded events assign swimmers to heats and lanes prior to the day’s events. Lanes remain open (empty) for those swimmers not showing up to the meet or for those swimmers scratching an event. Generally, swim meets which require a positive sign-in (see below) are deck-seeded competitions.

Deck Entries
A policy of accepting entries on the day of the swim meet.  These are more expensive entries, usually double the original event fee. These are not allowed at all meets.

Entry Fees
Meet entry fees are approximate but are usually $4.00 per individual event, and $1.50 per relay event.  Some meets also require a fee just to enter the meet.  SWAC will charge all swimmers a $1 flat fee for all swim meets entered into. USA swimming charges a $2.00 swim surcharge in all meets.

Heat Sheet
A listing of all swimmers by event (and occasionally, by heat and lane assignment) in a swim meet.  These are usually available for purchase at the swim meet.

Indiana Swimming, Inc.
The name of the local swimming committee charged by USA Swimming, Inc. to govern competitive swimming in the State of Indiana.

Long Course
A type of competitive pool which measures 50 meters in length. This is the standard size for all summer swim meets. It is also the competitive course for the Olympics.

Positive Sign-In
The process by which a swimmer is required, prior to (usually 30 to 60 minutes before) the start of each swim session to positively declare the events he or she is swimming. Usually, positive sign-ins are accomplished by simply highlighting the swimmer’s name and events at a sign-in sheet at the competition site.

Prelims and Finals
In certain meets, qualifying rounds are held for each event to determine the finalists (6 to 24 in number depending on the size of the pool and whether or not consolation finals are held).  These are called the prelims. The finals are the session where the finalists compete, usually in an afternoon or evening session.

The USA official who has authority over all other officials at the swim meet. The referee makes all final decisions and sees to the efficient running of the meet.

Withdrawing from an event after entering the event. This should only be done after a discussion with the coach on deck.

Seed Time
The time a swimmer uses to enter a meet. This time determines one’s heat and lane assignment for a particular event.

Senior State Championship Swim Meet
All USA – registered swimmers regardless of age, who have met the qualifying time standards for specific events, are eligible to compete in this meet. The swim meet is generally held at the IUPUI Natatorium in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Short Course
A type of competitive pool which measures 25 yards or 25 meters in length.

A per lap time that coaches often record for teaching the concept of pacing.

The USA official at a swim meet responsible for starting each heat and calling the next heat to the blocks.

Stroke Judge
The USA official who determines the legality of swimmers’ strokes and reports those which do not conform.

Timed Finals
A meet format where all swimmers are entered and compete in heats from slowest to fastest and swim the event only once (as opposed to prelims/finals, where a swimmer may have two opportunities to swim).

Time Standards
Certain qualifying times which have been set up by Indiana Swimming and USA Swimming for all events and all levels of meets to ensure that competitors are reasonably of the same ability in their respective meets.

Touch Pad
The part of an electronic timing system that rests in the water at the end of each lane.  Swimmers’ times are recorded when the pad is touched.

The status a swimmer receives when changing from one USA team to another. A swimmer must be “unattached” for 120 days from the last competition with their previous USA club before they can represent their new USA club. During this time they may compete in individual events as unattached (UN) swimmer, but not in relays.

USS/USA Swimming
USS is the old abbreviation for United States Swimming, which is now designated as USA Swimming, Inc., a governing body for amateur swimming in the United States.