THT Briefs on 4/11/2021

Michael Williams

Welcome to the 2021 Long Course Season!

We are so excitied to get back to the pool next week. Practices for all groups will begin on April 19th. Please check your group's calendar on the THT website for specific days and times that your group will be practicing. If you haven't done so yet, please complete the online registration and the signature pages of the paperwork for the new season and have your swimmer bring it to the coach at the first practice. If this is your first season as a Torpedo, please have your swimmer bring a photocopy of their birth certificate to the coach at the first practice.

As we head back to the pool, double-check your gear! Consider the following suggestions and remember that Pacesetter Sports is our local partner. They have many of the items you may need in stock and are offering discounts for all THT members:

  • This is a great time to make sure that your suit still fits! There are lots of practice suits on the market, but some choices are better than others. Suits made with Lycra are usually less expensive, but will need to be replaced more often. Suits made with a high percentage of polyester last longer than suits with a high percentage of Lycra. Speedo brand suits made with their exclusive Endurance or Endurance+ material last a very long time.
  • If it is time for a new pair of goggles, chose a pair that is designed for competition swimming such as the Speedo Vanquisher or Speedo Vanquisher Jr. goggles. Less expensive goggles for recreational use (like the ones sold at Wal-Mart or Meijer) are not very durable, and will need to be replaced frequently. Consider purchasing a second pair of the same goggles as a backup. Many swimmers replace the silicone strap that comes on the goggles with an elastic bungee, but that is a matter of personal preference.
  • If your group uses fins, make sure they still fit comfortably and be sure to use a permanent marker to write your child's name on the fins in case they get lost! If you discover that your fins no longer fit, speak with your swimmer's coach about donating them to THT.
  • Consider investing in a mesh equipment bag for your swimmer's gear. Mesh bags are a convenient, inexpensive way to transport equipment to and from the pool.

If you have any questions, you can always email your group coaches, or you can email me directly at [email protected]

Have a great week!

The THT Coaches and Board of Directors